How specify that whitespace should not count?

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Anders Eriksson

Dec 9, 2014, 6:50:18 PM12/9/14
I am doing my first try with GOLD and I'm trying to parse abc music notation.
The grammar has been accepted but when I try to test it with an data file I get an error when the parser finds a space.

In the data file I have this line
X: 1

The grammar for this looks like this (This is just a snippet of the grammar file)
Whitespace    = {WS}+
NewLine       = {CR}{LF} | {CR} | {LF}
StringLiteral = '"' {String Chars}* '"'

Digits        = {digit}+
<comment> ::= '%' StringLiteral NewLine
<end-of-line> ::= <comment> | NewLine 
<field-number> ::= 'X:' Digits <end-of-line>

The test log
   Result      : Syntax Error
   Column      : 2
   Line        : 0
   Parse Value : {space}
   Description : Expecting one of the following tokens: Digits

How do I make the parser to ignore whitespace between tokens?

// Anders

Dave Dolan

Dec 18, 2014, 10:55:01 PM12/18/14
Since it's just a snippet, I can only speak to the bits I can see. Don't define a white space terminal. Then white space won't be recognized as a token, and spaces will be ignored. It's the default behavior.


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Dave Dolan
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