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Dave Dolan

Mar 29, 2013, 8:07:33 PM3/29/13
The purpose of the grammar is to get the text into usable chunks.  You don't have to actually name production what the thing is. For example, don't bother creating <numeric_literal>, just use Number, don't create <variable_name> just use Identified.  Same with <char_literal> and quoted_string.  Having a non-terminal that ::= a single terminal will always produce a shift reduce conflict when it can be used in multiple places.

For example I fix this one for you (there are probably a few more changes yet you'll need to make but this should give you an idea of what I mean.)

  <num_factor> ::= Number   |  '(' <num_expression ')' | Identified

On Wed, Mar 20, 2013 at 12:24 AM, Chon Teh <> wrote:
i am new to grammer,
I try to convert the below plsql_expresstion to gold grammer
After add in <char_expression> to <plsql_expression>, the
Test data:       value1 := v1 + v2;    become invalid.
That should be the confict for <variable_name> in <char_term> and <num_factor>.
Please advices.
"Case Sensitive" = False
"Start Symbol"   = <Statements>
{String Ch 1}      = {Printable} - ["]
{String Ch 2}      = {Printable} - ['']
Number              =    {Digit}+('.'{Digit}+)?('.'?E[+-]?{Digit}+)?
quoted_string       =  ''{String Ch 2}*''
Identified          = {Letter}{AlphaNumeric}*

<Statements> ::= <assignment_statement>
<assignment_statement>  ::= Identified ':=' <plsql_expression> ';'

<plsql_expression>  ::= <num_expression>
                    | <char_expression>
<num_expression> ::= <num_expression> <sign> <num_term>
                | <opt sign> <num_term>
<char_expression> ::= <char_expression> '||' <char_term>
                   | <char_term>
<char_term> ::= <char_literal>
             | <variable_name>
             | '(' <char_expression> ')'
             | 'NULL'
<num_term> ::= <num_term> <Multi Exp> <num_factor>
            | <num_factor>
<opt sign> ::= <sign>
<sign>  ::= '+'
         | '-'
<Multi Exp> ::= '*'
             |  '\'
<num_factor>   ::= <numeric_literal>
                | '(' <num_expression> ')'
                | <variable_name>
<numeric_literal> ::= Number
<variable_name>     ::= Identified
<char_literal> ::= quoted_string                    

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Dave Dolan

Dave Dolan

Mar 29, 2013, 8:12:08 PM3/29/13
I didn't explain it all completely: A Shift-Reduce = when it can't decide whether or not to consume another token (to break a tie between two possibilities) or to 'reduce' and call it a match leaving the next token for the next production.   Usually it will attempt to 'fix' these by defaulting to "Shift".  This may not be the right action. Try it out and see if it still works for you. Sometimes you can ignore Shift-Reduces

Chon Teh

Apr 16, 2013, 11:11:42 PM4/16/13
Hi all,
Thank a lot for advice and information.
That is very helpful
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