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Andrew Gerrand

Sep 16, 2011, 3:23:40 AM9/16/11
to golang-nuts
We've just tagged a new Go weekly, weekly.2011-09-16. As usual, you
can update by running:
hg pull
hg update weekly

This weekly snapshot includes changes to the image, path/filepath, and time
packages. Code that uses these packages may need to be updated.

The image package's NewX functions (NewRGBA, NewNRGBA, etc) have been changed
to take a Rectangle argument instead of a width and height.
Gofix can make these changes automatically.

The path/filepath package's Walk function has been changed to take a WalkFunc
function value instead of a Visitor interface value. WalkFunc is like the
Visitor's VisitDir and VisitFile methods except it handles both files and
func(path string, info *os.FileInfo, err os.Error) os.Error
To skip walking a directory (like returning false from VisitDir) the WalkFunc
must return SkipDir.

The time package's Time struct's Weekday field has been changed to a method.
The value is calculated on demand, avoiding the need to re-parse
programmatically-constructed Time values to find the correct weekday.

There are no gofixes for the filepath or time API changes, but instances of the
old APIs will be caught by the compiler. The Weekday one is easy to update by
hand. The Walk one may take more consideration, but will have fewer instances
to fix.

* build: add build comments to core packages.
* codereview: Mercurial 1.9 fix for hg diff @nnn.
* crypto/tls: handle non-TLS more robustly,
support SSLv3.
* debug/elf: permit another case of SHT_NOBITS section overlap in test.
* exm/template/html: more work on this auto-escaping HTML template package.
* exp/norm: added regression test tool for the standard Unicode test set.
* exp/regexp/syntax: fix invalid input parser crash,
import all RE2 parse tests + fix bugs.
* exp/regexp: add MustCompilePOSIX, CompilePOSIX, leftmost-longest matching.
* flag: make zero FlagSet useful.
* gc: clean up if grammar.
* go/build: handle cgo, // +build comments.
* go/printer: use panic/defer instead of goroutine for handling errors.
* go/token: support to serialize file sets.
* godoc, suffixarray: switch to exp/regexp.
* godoc: show packages matching a query at the top,
support for complete index serialization,
use go/build to find files in a package.
* gofmt: accept program fragments on standard input, add else test.
* http/cgi: add openbsd environment configuration.
* http: document that Response.Body is non-nil.
* image/png: don't use a goroutine to decode, to permit decode during init.
* json: if a field's tag is "-", ignore the field for encoding and decoding.
* ld: grow dwarf includestack on demand.
* net, syscall: implement SetsockoptIPMReq(), and
move to winsock v2.2 for multicast support (thanks Paul Lalonde).
* net: add a LookupTXT function.
* os: os.RemoveAll to check for wboth error codes on Windows (thanks
Jaroslavas Počepko).
* path/filepath: fix Visitor doc (thanks Gustavo Niemeyer),
make UNC file names work (thanks Yasuhiro Matsumoto).
* runtime: optimizations to channels on Windows (thanks Hector Chu),
syscall to return both AX and DX for windows/386 (thanks Alex Brainman).
* sync/atomic: add 64-bit Load and Store.
* syscall: add route flags for linux (thanks Mikio Hara).
* test: add test for inheriting private method from anonymous field.
* websocket: fix infinite recursion in Addr.String() (thanks Tarmigan Casebolt),
rename websocket.WebSocketAddr to *websocket.Addr.

Apologies if we missed anyone in the list above. We appreciate all your help.

To see a full list of changes between this and the previous weekly,
after updating, run:
hg log -r weekly.2011-09-07:weekly.2011-09-16



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