Runtime error with golang 1.22.x

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Masanori Matsumoto

May 15, 2024, 9:07:30 AMMay 15
to golang-nuts
Since updating golang to v1.22, I'm getting errors in my tests using pact-go.

So I raised issue to the pact-go repository:

The error is as follows:
runtime: g 19: unexpected return pc for*Interaction).GivenWithParameter called from 0xe18a8f
stack: frame={sp:0xc0000b1bf8, fp:0xc0000b1d28} stack=[0xc0000b0000,0xc0000b2000)
fatal error: unknown caller pc

It only happens on amd64 when you run the test with the `-race` option.

My concern is that this is a golang issue, not pact-go, and I wonder if I should create a golang issue.
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