Shared Library support?

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Ev Kont

Mar 6, 2011, 4:58:41 AM3/6/11
to golang-nuts
I've been looking for C replacement forever.

And every few months or so I keep checking Go and D to see which one
has finally gotten a full support for shared libraries. Both call
itself "systems programming language" but AFAIK both only target
executables. I can't think of a single C project I have which was an
executable - nearly all systems software is compiled as a shared
library these days (extensions to Python, nginx/apache modules, the
list goes on). Everything on a server runs in the context of some sort
of an application server process, regardless of the OS (Tomcat/JVM,
IIS/CLR, Ruby/Passenger and so on). Can't even think of a use case why
would I want an executable.

So... what are the current plans regarding shared libraries written in
Go? Specifically, I am looking to rewrite some of my C shared libs
used by other processes (Python, Postfix and nginx).



Mar 6, 2011, 11:02:05 AM3/6/11
to golang-nuts
The last post regarding this from the Go team that I read stated that
dynamic linking/loading was possible, but being a very complicated
feature it's not even on the current roadmap. You can link to C
libraries via cgo, but that's pretty much it. Your only other choice
is to simply communicate with other processes.

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