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Welcome to golang-nuts, a general discussion list for the Go Programming Language.

Your question may have been answered already. Before asking, please search the group archive and check the Go Frequently Asked Questions page. Also see the Go documentation index.  When asking a question, please describe the system and the version of Go you are using.  Please say exactly what you did, exactly what happened, and what you expected to happen instead.  Please avoid sending screenshots if at all possible; send text, not a screenshot.

Please follow the Go Community Code of Conduct while posting here. In short:
  • Treat everyone with respect and kindness.
  • Be thoughtful in how you communicate.
  • Don’t be destructive or inflammatory.
  • If you encounter an issue, please mail conduct@golang.org.
Note: This group is moderated. If you are a first-time poster it may take 24 hours for your post to appear in the group.