Introduce « doable in third party module » label for proposals

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Apr 15, 2024, 10:57:01 PMApr 15
to golang-dev
Hey, when reading the bug tracker it would be nice to be able to filter proposals where there are literally zero technical merits by being in the std (outside of meta value like high quality maintenance and arguments about adding third party deps).

This would be limited to proposals that require consumers to update their code to be useful.
For changes that can technically be implemented in third packages but don't require consumers to change their code to be useful we wouldn't tag them because there is value in not having to update all the existing code out there (might be useful to have a tag for theses too, but I don't think so right now).

Doing a temperature check on this, do you think that ok ? thx

Russ Cox

Apr 16, 2024, 8:33:22 AMApr 16
to Jorropo, golang-dev
Hi Jorropo,

Help with organizing proposals is always welcome but probably a label for "literally zero technical merits by being in std" is too negative an approach, both in the judgement sense and in the sense of defining an issue by what it's not. We already have the LanguageChange label for language changes, and we could add new labels for different kinds of changes, like NewPackage for example. I'm not sure exactly what line you are trying to draw though, so I'm not sure what labels we could use to help your specific search. What are some examples of issues that you want the search to find and examples of issues that are important for the search not to find? Thanks!


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Apr 16, 2024, 9:48:41 AMApr 16
to Russ Cox, golang-dev
> is too negative an approach

If you describe it that way it sounds bad, right.
I would like to spin this as chances for anyone to improve the go ecosystem instead.

I don't have good examples of an issue that can particularly be found this way,
I find github's word search to be poor compared to a smarter search (google) and a dumber one (grep).
« this proposal only adds new functions and types » is something easy to remember after having red a proposal and annectodately, it is well distributed, so it should help thin it down when github returns me 200 issues.

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