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Joedian Reid

Jan 17, 2024, 1:06:58 PMJan 17
to golang-dev
Hi gophers,

As described on, it's time to plan for Go 1.23 development. Tentatively, we expect a soft reopening (for fixes only, not new features yet) in a couple days, and a full general tree reopening shortly thereafter. Please see the tracking issue 64340 for the latest tree status.

Please use this thread to discuss your own plans for the 1.23 development cycle and to coordinate submission.

(Reminder, this thread is for things you *PLAN TO DO YOURSELF*, not things you want other people to do.)

If you plan on working on potentially risky changes, please follow our attached guide.

If you have insights from past Go development cycles on how this practice can be improved further, we welcome your feedback. The goal is to help everyone ship a robust release and minimize the risk of unexpected delays. Thank you for your help!

Joedian for the Go team
A Guide to Risky Changes (2).pdf


Jan 18, 2024, 11:14:12 PMJan 18
to golang-dev
my own plans for the 1.23 development:
1. optimize DeepEqual for slice type, array type,struct type
2. instruction alignment optimizations for assembly routines (wait gomote)
3. math/big documentation
4. sync: reduce pointer overhead in Map (wait PointerPair of
5. sync: eliminate global Mutex in Pool operation (wait proposal: sync: support for sharded values)
6. research reflect.isZero  per for loop 64*8 bit
7. cmd/compile/internal/typecheck,runtime: replace *int32 of runtime.gorecover with unsafe.Pointer (wait review)
8. building a toolchain using pgo (not have reviewer)
9. embed: document go.mod exclusion (not have reviewer)
10. runtime, cmd/compile: share more constants
11. research remove racer (wait
12. 2024 year 2 or 3 month again access: approvers
13. research arena implementation in third party library
14. research support tar.FileInfoNames for no-unix
15. research crypto/rsa: PublicKey.Equal() should say it expects a pointer 
16. research errors and contextpanic for uncomparable type 

What I plan to do in go1.23, for the time being just think of the above.

Ross Light

Jan 19, 2024, 6:06:42 PMJan 19
to golang-dev
I would like to merge CL 385534 for adding the SymlinkFS interface in this cycle. AFAIK this is ready to go and is just blocked on a +2.


Jan 22, 2024, 10:21:39 AMJan 22
to Ross Light, golang-dev
I want to refactor internal/cpu to allow the linker to prune unneeded
lower level implementations when a higher microarchitecture level is
So when using GOAMD64=v3 most generic implementations would be
treeshaken out of the binary reducing size a bit.

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Jan 22, 2024, 10:21:44 AMJan 22
to golang-dev
I'd like to get the unicode/utf8.Valid AVX2 optimization merged if there is any interest in it (

abner chenc

Apr 9, 2024, 8:01:29 AMApr 9
to golang-dev
G1.23 development plan on Loong64:
1. always enable register ABI on loong64

2.Optimization of atomic operations

3.Internal link support and implementation optimization

4.Implementation optimization of cmd/internal/obj

5. race support

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