[security] Go 1.8.4 and Go 1.9.1 are released

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Chris Broadfoot

Oct 4, 2017, 4:34:10 PM10/4/17
to golang-nuts
Hi gophers,

Two security-related issues were recently reported.
To address this issue, we have just released Go 1.8.4 and Go 1.9.1.

We recommend that all users update to one of these releases (if you're not sure which, choose Go 1.9.1).

The issues addressed by these releases are:

By nesting a git checkout inside another version control repository, it was possible for an attacker to trick the “go get” command into executing arbitrary code. The go command now refuses to use version control checkouts found inside other version control systems, with an exception for git submodules (git inside git).
The issue is tracked as https://golang.org/issue/22125 (Go 1.8.4) and https://golang.org/issue/22131 (Go 1.9.1). Fixes are linked from the issues.
Thanks to Simon Rawet for the report.

In the smtp package, PlainAuth is documented as sending credentials only over authenticated, encrypted TLS connections, but it was changed in Go 1.1 to also send credentials on non-TLS connections when the remote server advertises that PLAIN authentication is supported. The change was meant to allow use of PLAIN authentication on localhost, but it has the effect of allowing a man-in-the-middle attacker to harvest credentials. PlainAuth now requires either TLS or a localhost connection before sending credentials, regardless of what the remote server claims.
This issue is tracked as https://golang.org/issue/22134 (Go 1.8.4) and https://golang.org/issue/22133 (Go 1.9.1). Fixes are linked from the issues.
Thanks to Stevie Johnstone for the report.

Downloads are available at https://golang.org/dl for all supported platforms.

Chris (on behalf of the Go team)

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