Completing the Go 1.23 Release Notes Draft

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Dmitri Shuralyov

May 24, 2024, 1:15:49 PMMay 24
to golang-dev
Hi gophers,

We've entered the freeze for Go 1.23 on Wednesday, and the next target is the upcoming Release Candidate 1.
Having a complete draft of the release notes–tracked in–is a blocker for releasing the RC 1.

This is the first release to use the improved release note process (issue 64169, golang-dev thread).
Please read the "For developers" section in doc/README that explains the writing process in detail.
A preview of the currently checked-in release notes can be seen at
Much of it is already complete thanks to everyone who's been adding release note fragments in the
same CL that's making a notable Go 1.23 change, but there are known TODOs that need to be resolved.

You can find existing open CLs made to update Go 1.23 release notes with this search query:

Please review CLs that need review, and send CLs to complete the release notes draft.

Thank you for your contributions and helping make Go 1.23 an excellent release!


Dmitri Shuralyov

Jun 21, 2024, 4:02:00 PMJun 21
to golang-dev
Thanks all for helping to complete the release notes draft.
The fragments in doc/next have been merged and moved
to x/website as a single file (CL 594035):

For future edits to the Go 1.23 Release Notes draft,
please mail your CLs to edit the file at that location.

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