[security] Go 1.22.4 and Go 1.21.11 are released

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Jun 4, 2024, 3:07:22 PMJun 4
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Hello gophers,

We have just released Go versions 1.22.4 and 1.21.11, minor point releases.

These minor releases include 2 security fixes following the security policy:

  • archive/zip: mishandling of corrupt central directory record

    The archive/zip package's handling of certain types of invalid zip files differed from the behavior of most zip implementations. This misalignment could be exploited to create an zip file with contents that vary depending on the implementation reading the file. The archive/zip package now rejects files containing these errors.

    Thanks to Yufan You (@ouuan) for reporting this issue.

    This is CVE-2024-24789 and Go issue https://go.dev/issue/66869.

  • net/netip: unexpected behavior from Is methods for IPv4-mapped IPv6 addresses

    The various Is methods (IsPrivate, IsLoopback, etc) did not work as expected for
    IPv4-mapped IPv6 addresses, returning false for addresses which would return
    true in their traditional IPv4 forms.

    Thanks to Enze Wang of Alioth (@zer0yu) and Jianjun Chen of Zhongguancun Lab
    (@chenjj) for reporting this issue.

    This is CVE-2024-24790 and Go issue https://go.dev/issue/67680.

View the release notes for more information:

You can download binary and source distributions from the Go website:

To compile from source using a Git clone, update to the release with
git checkout go1.22.4 and build as usual.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the releases.

Michael and Matthew for the Go team

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