knoa, a powerful go library to deal with unstructured data

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Aug 7, 2023, 5:13:42 PM8/7/23
to Golang Brasil
I'm so happy to announce the very first release of knoa

The goal of knoa is to provide a handy way to deal with unstructured data in #go #golang

The below piece of code shows an example (You could find more examples here

type Person struct {
Firstname string `structs:"firstname"`
Age int `structs:"age"`
Siblings []Person `structs:"siblings,omitempty"`

func main(){
k := knoa.Map().Set("firstname", "John", "age", 20)
k.Set("siblings", []Person{
Firstname: "Tim",
Age: 29,
Firstname: "Bob",
Age: 40,

k.Set("age", 23, "siblings[1].age", 39)

var person Person

I am working hard to provide a ready-for-production release, but any feedback or suggestion will be appreciated in the meantime! #golangdeveloper

Thank you so much in advance!

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