[security] Go 1.21.3 and Go 1.20.10 are released

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Oct 10, 2023, 1:03:53 PM10/10/23
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Hello gophers,

We have just released Go versions 1.21.3 and 1.20.10, minor point releases.

These minor releases include 1 security fixes following the security policy:

  • net/http: rapid stream resets can cause excessive work

    A malicious HTTP/2 client which rapidly creates requests and
    immediately resets them can cause excessive server resource consumption.
    While the total number of requests is bounded to the
    http2.Server.MaxConcurrentStreams setting, resetting an in-progress
    request allows the attacker to create a new request while the existing
    one is still executing.

    HTTP/2 servers now bound the number of simultaneously executing
    handler goroutines to the stream concurrency limit. New requests
    arriving when at the limit (which can only happen after the client
    has reset an existing, in-flight request) will be queued until a
    handler exits. If the request queue grows too large, the server
    will terminate the connection.

    This issue is also fixed in golang.org/x/net/http2 v0.17.0,
    for users manually configuring HTTP/2.

    The default stream concurrency limit is 250 streams (requests)
    per HTTP/2 connection. This value may be adjusted using the
    golang.org/x/net/http2 package; see the Server.MaxConcurrentStreams
    setting and the ConfigureServer function.

    This is CVE-2023-39325 and Go issue https://go.dev/issue/63417.
    This is also tracked by CVE-2023-44487.

View the release notes for more information:

You can download binary and source distributions from the Go website:

To compile from source using a Git clone, update to the release with
git checkout go1.21.3 and build as usual.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the releases.

Dmitri, Michael, and Heschi for the Go team

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