Go 1.16.5 and Go 1.15.13 are released

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David Chase

Jun 3, 2021, 6:15:29 PM6/3/21
to golan...@googlegroups.com
Hello gophers,

We have just released Go versions 1.16.5 and 1.15.13, minor point releases.

These minor releases include security fixes according to the new security policy (#44918).

The SetString and UnmarshalText methods of math/big.Rat may cause a panic or an unrecoverable fatal error if passed inputs with very large exponents.
This is issue #45910 and CVE-2021-33198.

Thanks to the OSS-Fuzz project for discovering this issue and to Emmanuel Odeke for reporting it.

ReverseProxy in net/http/httputil could be made to forward certain hop-by-hop headers, including Connection. In case the target of the ReverseProxy was itself a reverse proxy, this would let an attacker drop arbitrary headers, including those set by the ReverseProxy.Director.
This is issue #46313 and CVE-2021-33197.

Thanks to Mattias Grenfeldt (https://grenfeldt.dev) and Asta Olofsson for reporting this issue.

The LookupCNAME, LookupSRV, LookupMX, LookupNS, and LookupAddr functions in net, and their respective methods on the Resolver type may return arbitrary values retrieved from DNS which do not follow the established RFC 1035 rules for domain names. If these names are used without further sanitization, for instance unsafely included in HTML, they may allow for injection of unexpected content. Note that LookupTXT may still return arbitrary values that could require sanitization before further use.
This is issue #46241 and CVE-2021-33195.

Thanks to Philipp Jeitner and Haya Shulman from Fraunhofer SIT for reporting this issue.

The NewReader and OpenReader functions in archive/zip can cause a panic or an unrecoverable fatal error when reading an archive that claims to contain a large number of files, regardless of its actual size.
This is issue #46242 and CVE-2021-33196.

Thanks to the OSS-Fuzz project for discovering this issue and to Emmanuel Odeke for reporting it.

View the release notes for more information:

You can download binary and source distributions from the Go web site:

To compile from source using a Git clone, update to the release with
"git checkout go1.16.5" and build as usual.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the releases.

David and Carlos for the Go team

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