Re:VICTORY! Gov. Baker Signed the Climate Bill

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Arthur A. DeLuca

Aug 11, 2022, 5:23:24 PM8/11/22
to Sarah Dooling
Victory? Try DOOM!!!!

Don't you realize what suckers you are all being made of by the manufacturers? To take just one facet of your initiate as an example; the electric companies are already required to convert tosolar panels and such. We get our energy from the electic company right now; so as they convert - we are AUTOMATICALLY converted. There is NO NEED for us to install solar panels to save the planet. Sure we will save MONEY (eventually so they claim - but of course your solar panels are rated for only 20 years and then will need replacing) . Now think of ALL the factors of manufactuing and delovering the finished installation to the rooftops of Americs. All that mining of the ores to create the panels, the delivery of the ores to the refineries, the refining process. then delivering the metals to be constructed -- all these seemingly endless steps to bring finished product to market. And then it starts all over agiin in 20 years. What you have done is guaranteed a STEADY REVENUE STREAM to these polluters of our planet. You have made the ECONOMY grow. Don't you get it? The economy is measured by the bottom line profit margins of coroparte America; manufacturing in particular. As the economy grows, so does POLLUTION.

The answer to save the planet is to SLOW DOWN manufacturing of things- NOT to increase it!. If you need to build something that ia Earth-saving (such as solar panels), then you need to CEASE manufacturing of something else. so that the net result is still less manufacturing. You are making things worse and worse (but the manufacturers get richer and richer), and the economy gets better and better;r and the President is Happy and looks forward to re-election,; and Wall Street is Happy, and the investors are exstatic as their portfolios grow. And we race that much more quickly to our eventual extinction...

So cheer on your "victory" and move on towards your next planet-destroying project. As I have pointed out so many times, ALL life on Planet Earth is carbon based. When you "go green" when you use "all natural products" You are releasing carbon in either the manuafcture, use, or disposal of these items (or any combination thereof). Coal is plant life that has been "biodegrading" for millions of years. Gasoline and plastics are made from the remains of animal life that has been "biodegrading" for millions of years. So it goes with ANTHING that is "all natural". But please do continue on like this, being unwitting tools of corporate
America. It is so satisfying to watch you make complete jackasses of yourselves in your continued cluelessness.
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