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John Mos

Sep 10, 2021, 8:37:07 AM9/10/21
to goestools-users
Hi, I just started using this. Amazing piece of s/w. I have a few issues though

I installed it on my laptop and kept it running and I ssh-ed in from another laptop. After a few hours my remote login session was inactive, so I ssh-ed again, but I couldn't see the data when my session was inactive. 

When I tried to run goesrecv again, I get an error saying that the device was in use. I reset the usb device, ran goesrecv and goesproc and everything went normal. The vit value was <200
1. It appeared that the RTL device was being used, but I am wondering why there wasn't any data?
2. If I lose the ssh session is there a way to see the output of these two programs?


Carl Reinemann

Oct 29, 2021, 11:20:26 AM10/29/21
to goestools-users
You could use the screen function. I have details on my site at   scroll down and look under "Autostart Goestools, Syncthing and use Screen to monitor system."

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