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Peter Schrock

Jan 31, 2011, 6:40:32 AM1/31/11
to Godly Christian Ministries
****Godly Christian Ministries News****
January 31, 2011

~ Summary Index ~
1. Godly Christian Ministries General Updates
2. Godly Christian Music - Site Updates
3. Godly Christian Music - New Songs
4. Prayer Requests

1. Godly Christian Ministries General Updates

Its about that time for another update and there has been a ton going
on as usual. In the beginning of January, Godly Christian Music
finally surpassed 1,000 free songs to download on the site and more
music is constantly going up. As with the last couple months, most of
my time has gone toward the music website and this will continue into
the next month. My first priority is getting the play list feature up
and working, but once this is done, I may start on a new Music Sharing
feature. This will allow people to send emails with a link to a
particular song, post a song on Facebook & Twitter, and embed a music
player on their personal blog or website. Nevertheless, if I am too
burned out programming I might start working on something else on one
of the other sites as a diversion. Please keep me in prayer, as I seek
to make the best use of the time I have been given.


2. Godly Christian Music - Site Updates

Godly Christian Music has been getting all kinds of updates lately.
Some of the more noticeable changes are the new icons for playing,
downloading, viewing lyrics and displaying chords. In addition, the
music player now starts playing automatically and also has a pause
button (if you aren't experiencing these changes you may need to clear
your browsing cache or your temporary internet files). Also, the news
article page is now feeding from and the
new articles that were archived on have all
been moved to the ministry site.

On the back end of (which artists use to
manage their music), a few updates have occurred as well. There have
been several bug fixes in order to improve reliability. I found out
that the Event listing page hasn't been working for several artist for
quite some time. Nevertheless, the problem should now be fixed and
hopefully some artist will start taking advantage of this feature.
Also, I have reprogrammed what happens when a new song gets added to
the site. I am hoping that this will make the process more smooth and
if there is any problem I will now be notified immediately with
specific information to remedy the issue. The other changes on the
back end of the site were mostly aesthetic.


3. Godly Christian Music - New Songs

Once again, there are no shortages for all you who like new music.
This month there were 98 new songs...

Nick Mott (New Songs 31)
Hopesong (New Songs 31)
A Church in Indianapolis (New Songs 1)
Amanda Baker (New Songs 5)
Rob Haymes (New Songs 1)
Dynamomin (New Songs 1)
Jeff Wooldridge (New Songs 1)
Scott Ogden (New Songs 4)
graphite412 (New Songs 1)
Jeff Rice (New Songs 2)
Jerry Lockett (New Songs 18)
Sobrina Pugh (New Songs 2)


4. Prayer Requests

Prayer is also always needed for the artist! Please consider writing
to an artist sometime in the next week to let them know how much you
appreciate their efforts. Most people have no idea how much work goes
into put together one professional sounding song. From writing a song
to distributing it to others an artist can easily spend 40 hours. If
they want to cut down on this time, they will have to spend a bunch of
money to get really nice equipment or hire others to do things for
them. Each song is different, but I think you get my point. When an
artist is giving away their music to you for free, it is no small
thing! All this being the case, it can be easy for artist to get
discouraged doing so much work and never know if it is blessing
others. Therefore, please pray for the artists and try to let them
know when you have been blessed by their labors.

Also please be praying for me. I am now getting over a cold that I had
for the last week. While I have been sick, I have been meditating on
perseverance. It has been hard to be motivated to bless others when I
have been tired and not feeling well, but I have found that more grace
has come to me as I have sought to lay down my life for others.
Nevertheless, I do ask that you pray that I may stay healthy while a
lot of sickness is going around the people I interact with regularly.
In addition, please pray that the Lord would give me clear direction
about what to work on during the month of February.

Lastly, also pray that the Lord would draw people to the Godly
Christian Ministries websites and that they would be strengthened in
their faith by this ministry.
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