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Peter Schrock

Jun 25, 2011, 1:29:51 AM6/25/11
to Godly Christian Ministries
****Godly Christian Ministries News****
June 25, 2011

~ Summary Index ~
1. Godly Christian Ministries General Updates
2. Godly Christian Music - New Songs
3. Prayer Requests

1. Godly Christian Ministries General Updates

This has been a busy season. I just got back a couple days ago from
being on the road for about a week. Daniel Martin (one of the
musicians on just got married to Ashley
(whose last name used to be Ider). A large part of my trip was
attending their wedding in New York. While I was traveling, I also
spent some time in Ohio recording eight songs with a brother named
Christian Stevens and his friend Buzzy. I still need to mix, possibly
record some more tracks, and finish mastering the songs before they
will appear on As a result, it will
probably be a month or two before you all will get a chance to hear
their songs. Nevertheless, to those I visited on the trip I want to
say thank you, my heart was refreshed and encouraged by you all.

I am still working on writing the new book, but it has been very slow
as my time has been broken up and I am seeking direction about how to
communicate the truths that are on my heart. Currently, there is no
time frame to which the book may get finished. It could be a month or
maybe a year. It is more important to me that the book is pleasing to
God than to try to finish it asap.

Lastly, the transition to the new server for
has not been without its bumps. Nevertheless, thanks to the help of a
couple people reporting the errors they found, things should be
running fairly smoothly now. In addition, to fixing several little
bugs, I also added the ability to share both an artist and each song
on facebook by clicking a simple picture link. Sometime in the next
week or so I hope to add a flash – html 5 fall back support for iOS
users. This update will only work on the single song player. Flash
will remain required for the jukebox/playlist players.


2. Godly Christian Music - New Songs

There were 45 new songs since the last newsletter…

Christ Our Life – 1 new song
Rob Haymes – 1 new song
St. Paul’s Ensemble – 2 new songs
Naked Like Adam – 3 new songs
Soul Soothing Songs – 2 new songs
Rev. Anthony Mark LaMort – 4 new songs
Christofori – 2 new songs
Mike and Martha Tifft – 5 new songs
Br James – 1 new song
Under the Blood - 2 new songs
Palimaakki – 3 new songs
Michelle Ward – 11 new songs
Susan Hawthorne – 8 new songs


3. Prayer Requests

Please be praying for me as I continue to work on the websites. I have
been juggling a lot of different projects and I am continually seeking
more direction for my life in general. Currently, my needs have been
met by working at a children’s home, but I have been considering
different possibilities. Please be praying as I weigh out the balance
of having time to minister through Godly Christian Ministries and the
taking on of new work related responsibilities. Also, please be
praying with regard to the new book I am working on. It is important
to me that I accurately and concisely communicate God’s truth. Please
pray that the Lord would grant me wisdom and skill as I sit down to
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