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Peter Schrock

Apr 14, 2011, 5:53:50 AM4/14/11
to Godly Christian Ministries
****Godly Christian Ministries News****
April 14, 2011

~ Summary Index ~
1. Godly Christian Ministries General Updates
2. Godly Christian Music - New Songs
3. Prayer Requests

1. Godly Christian Ministries General Updates

This has been a busy season for me since I recently purchased some
property with a place to live in south east Missouri, USA. I had been
renting it, but after purchasing the property, I have been making
several needed renovations. Nevertheless, the work on the websites has
been busy too... Since the last news update the bug in download album
feature has been fix so that Mac users can now also download a whole
album at once. In addition, those of you who have been long awaiting
the ability to play all the songs of an artist will be happy to find
this feature working smoothly. In addition, you can also play all the
songs in a genre and theme via the new jukebox.

Over the next little season, I will primarily be doing more upkeep
type work with and focusing more time on
writing. In the next couple months, I am planing on putting together a
small book for new believers and those looking to start fresh in their
Christian walk. The book will layout the basic elements of entering
into fellowship with God, becoming a member of His body, and growing
toward maturity. If some of you are interested in helping to proofread
for this book, please send me an email
( and I will try to include you in
the process.


2. Godly Christian Music - New Songs

There are 71 new songs added to

Christ Our Life - 2 new songs
Ichthus -13 new songs
Nick Mott - 2 new songs
Rob Haymes - 1 new song
Susan Hawthorne - 4 new songs
Dave Hershey - 1 new song
Alan Thomas - 1 new song
Violet Ewing - 2 new songs
Elizabeth Snow - 1 new song
Soul Soothing Songs - 13 new songs
Mike and Martha Tifft - 30 songs
Songsculptor - 1 new song


5. Prayer Requests

This last season of programming and house work has been very busy. In
the midst of all the business I found myself spiritually dry.
Nevertheless, over the last two weeks I have been finding more time to
go to the fountain of life and receive spiritual refreshing. I
definitely need your prayers in order to effectively serve you.

In the upcoming summer months, I am hoping to organize several
outreach efforts with my local church. The short book I will be
writing will serve as a tool in this outreach to give to new converts
and those who have been lukewarm. Please pray for me while I am
writing, that the Lord would grant me wisdom of how to communicate the
vital truths of the scripture. Also, please pray for those who will be
getting this book, that the Lord would use it to help them enter into
a new life with Christ.
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