Changing group ownership of the socket file upon start up

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Nick Gordon

Jan 2, 2014, 12:07:37 AM1/2/14
Can't seem to find if this is possible anywhere in the docs, but is there a way to specify the ownership of the socket file that is created when god is started?

Specifically, I run God as root, but I'd like the socket file to have a different group ownership so that I can allow other users to run commands with God (www, specifically). 

Is this possible?

Donovan Bray

Jan 3, 2014, 9:28:04 AM1/3/14
I do this in the init or upstart script.

I used to use init because it was easy, but I found situations where god would segfault and leave my systems open to failure. So now I use an upstart script with respawn to ensure in the unlikely event that god crashes it is automatically restarted.

These scripts are written for my capistrano deployment so you will have to do some interpolating of the values that capistrano normally provides, but it will give you a roadmap to make it happen.

Hopefully obvious that if you use the upstart script your system needs to have the upstart subsystem.  check to see if you already have .conf files in "/etc/init"



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