Getting pipeline material fingerprint without having to call and parse API api/config/materials

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Alain Trinh

Jul 19, 2021, 4:38:54 AMJul 19
to go-cd
Hello all,

We are instanciating pipelines on the fly with the gocd yaml config plugin and some scripting. Say when a configuration file is added to Gitlab, we create a new pipeline A and a new pipeline B, and B will be listening to a specific repository for further configuration  and will have pipeline A as a material also.
Currently everything works fine. But in order to trigger pipeline B with the GoCd API we need to provide the fingerprint for pipeline A. Is there a way to use an API or compute the fingerprint for pipeline A once it is registered by the yaml config plugin, or the only possible way is to use the API config/materials ?

Best regards,

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