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Jan 25, 2024, 7:30:06 AMJan 25
to go-cd
hey thanks again to all who help make gocd, including those on this forum.

Two related questions, I believe I know answer to one and maybe it's the answer to the other.

  1. order of pipelines in the web ui
  2. order of the views in web ui (or default view)
Is there a way to change the order?

I'd guess it might be as simple as them being read in order, so if you edit the xml to change order the pipeline configurations are given, is this the best way to change pipeline order?

Likewise for the pipeline views.... is there a way to make one view the default?
I have not yet looked at the views in the config file, but are they similiar where i can just make my preferred view defined first in the gocd config?

appreciate any help

ps/aside last year reimplemented about majority of our pipelines using from-scratch templates.  was able to make them probably half as complex just from a tiny little bit of extra understanding of gocd (acquired through years and conversations, including this group).  amazing!

Chad Wilson

Jan 25, 2024, 9:10:22 AMJan 25
1) Pipelines on dashboard should be ordered for display by

- pipeline group | environment, in order that you see it in the config file (may be different for pipelines-as-code implied groups|envs)
- then by pipeline as implied by
     - order it is in config file
     - pipelines-as-code: display_order for a pipeline
     - order implied by config repo definition (plugin dependent, normally order of definition for yaml/json)

To my knowledge if not using pipelines-as-code, hacking the XML is the only way to change the display order of groups and pipelines within that group - which is irritating. /go/admin/pipelines doesn't seem to have this ability.

2) Views are user specific, not in the config file. If I recall correctly, there is only a default view that effectively gets created for each user. Users can change their view order around how they want themselves.

- Chad

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