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Apr 8, 2024, 7:53:57 AMApr 8
to go-cd

Got a question for the wonderful, knowledgable people here pls!

I've got a copy of GoCD running in a docker container, GoCD v23.5.0, with Gitlab Pull Requests Builder v1.4.0-RC4, Gitlab Merge Requests status notifier v1.7.2-276.

While I have got the Gitlab Pull Requests Builder working properly and responding to creation/changes in Gitlab Merge Requests with pipeline executions on the appropriate branch, I cannot:

1) get any Gitlab MR status notifications appearing in the MR nor
2) see any evidence of the plugin failing or being called at all in the GoCD server logs.

Can anyone advise on what I'm doing wrong, if anything, please?

Saw this https://github.com/gocd-contrib/gocd-build-status-notifier/pull/134, wondering if that's something to do with it (given that the notification plugin hasnt been updated in a few years), or maybe https://github.com/ashwanthkumar/gocd-build-github-pull-requests/issues/153 (I'm using an enterprise Gitlab with subgroups that works for the builder but maybe it has a problem of some kind working with the notifier?)

Thanks for any light that can be shed on this!


Chad Wilson

Apr 13, 2024, 4:54:39 AMApr 13
to go...@googlegroups.com
Hi Steve

I'm not familiar with use of either of these plugins with GitLab, however it seems pretty clear that the gocd-build-status-notifier plugin does not have gitlab support merged so the two plugins don't work together right now. It seemed to be blocked by this comment here which seems unresolved or not responded to.

The logs (if any) will be in plugin-specific logs rather than the main server logs.

In any case, if you want to give it a go with v1.4.0-RC4 of the PR Builder plugin, you can try the test build attached here. If it works OK with and without subgroups we can consider merging it. I have not tested this myself, as I don't have a GitLab setup to test with (nor time to do so). I'd still be a bit surprised if it works though, as the Gitlab API interaction hasn't been changed on the notifier for many years, and I suspect it has evolved....


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