[New post] Throw the book at Google. – #россия #trump2020 #prolife #maga2020 #maga #kag2020 #kag #google #fitness #fa cebook #танкисты #running #2a #censorship #учения #history #армия #минобороны #юво #т анки #южныйвоенныйокруг #т90 #армияроссии #biking #nutrition #longevity #iran #abortion #russian_army #russian #nesterov #mod #language

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Sep 15, 2019, 5:42:24 PM9/15/19
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gnudarwin posted: "Throw the book at Google. - #россия #trump2020 #prolife #maga2020 #maga #kag2020 #kag #google #fitness #facebook #танкисты #running #2a #censorship #учения #history #армия #минобороны #юво #танки #южныйвоенныйокруг #т90 #армияроссии #biking #nutrition #lo"
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New post on GNU-Darwin Action Blog

Throw the book at Google. – #россия #trump2020 #prolife #maga2020 #maga #kag2020 #kag #google #fitness #fa cebook #танкисты #running #2a #censorship #учения #history #армия #минобороны #юво #т анки #южныйвоенныйокруг #т90 #армияроссии #biking #nutrition #longevity #iran #abortion #russian_army #russian #nesterov #mod #language

by gnudarwin

Throw the book at Google. - #россия #trump2020 #prolife #maga2020 #maga #kag2020 #kag #google #fitness #facebook #танкисты #running #2a #censorship #учения #history #армия #минобороны #юво #танки #южныйвоенныйокруг #т90 #армияроссии #biking #nutrition #longevity #iran #abortion #russian_army #russian #nesterov #mod #language

Google and Facebook appears to have violated the political advertising restrictions in Russia. If they are banned by Roskomnadzor, I'll be glad to remind them. They were warned by Roskomnadzor, and they did it anyway. I don't see any room for sympathy. Tell me, are there restrictions on political advertising in the US? Yes there are.

Don't give me any sanctimony. Russia has valid reasons for their rules. Google and Facebook are engaged in #censorship themselves. Check their crocodile tears. No one should espress sympathy for Google and Facebook. They have none themselves. Google and Facebook should receive maximum penalties. #censorship

Sympathize with Google? You must be kidding. Anti-competitive perverts spy on you, censor you, break your laws. Forget them! And Facebook is even WORSE! Maximum penalty for Facebook and Google!

Google lied to the President. They are habitual liars, and should not be trusted. I strongly recommend to disable and remove their apps from your phone. If you have been following my advice to disable Google apps, there is one last step... This one is for the brave, so if you are brave, then do it... Go into your apps config and disable Google Play Services. It's the last straw, and the back breaks. I've disabled Google Play Services on two tablets so far, and I've had no problems...

You need to go into this with the mind to disable Google apps completely. Keep that method, and it will work. I've found that the app makers are already used to this situation, and they now work fine w/o Play Services. So go cold turkey now, and live life without Google spying on you. It's better.

Google now forbids the removal of Play Services on some devices. This is atrocious audacity. It is your tablet, not theirs. Do what you need to do to remove their leeching software. Use free software instead.

Now for the apps. You don't need Google for apps. There are other app stores.... I have one tablet that I ran this way from the start. None of the apps are from Play Store. Consider your allies. They will find a way to provide apps without Google Play Store. On this tablet, I have the current version of Firefox. I download the apk from Mozilla dev. You can get alot of satisfaction from running current software without Google knowing about it.

You are going to have many allies, if you do these things. More and more vendors want distance from Google. Be thorough. Get rid of those Android sticks, and plug your computer HDMI into the TV instead. It's like cut the cord. Remember the cord cutters? Now cut Google out of your life

50 AG's are sueing Google, and the need to be very serious about this. Do you think they are bringing Google apps to their meetings? Be like them. Get with it!

Now some comments about the search algorithm. No surprise to see greater interest in what I've written in the past about Google search algorithm, but it is now time to move into the present. In the present, it is all about the user model, which has been taken inside by all these tech giants. What follows is abit of speculation about the user model and the future. People need to think hard about this.

Companies like Google have collected enough user interact data to make accurate intelligent predictions about user behavior. That's the user model. There is a vast combined user model and also individual user models. The user model has been taken private for various reasons, which I'll explain. All those clicks and crowdsourced data has been combined into the user model and taken private. Crooks LOVE the user model. Does anyone smell a movie script?

You remember the day the user model was taken private, the day when Amazon and Google search results became degraded. The user model could make exquisite predictions about what you were looking for. This was broken intentionally. It WAS broken intentionally, for the short term advantage of giving people something other than what they want and need, but... They are making huge profits from turning you into a consumer robot. They have found another use for the user model. In fact they have sequestered the user model, because it is so valuable.

These accurate predictions are hidden from the user. The best recommendations are hidden in private for the privileged few. That's bad enough, but only the beginning. I'm going to suggest some of the proprietary utility of the user model. Essentially, if you thought they were malign and hiding the best results from you, you were right about that.

The user model was used to train their AI machines, in order to give them a convincing human persona. They could literally plug your personal model into the AI and generate a reasonable digital facsimile of you, yes, you personally. They have everything they need to impersonate you digitally, using their AI, combined with your personal data, and your user model. As you might guess, this is where the crooks come in. Crooks get excited by things like personal data and impersonation.

You might brush aside the criminality and say it never happens, but there is evidence to the contrary. There are reports that fictitious user histories have been discovered inside Google. Given the user model, criminal utility is obvious. This type of data could be combined in certain scenarios to make fake voters, who draw government benefits. Just one example. They can accurately digitally mimic your voice, appearance, and digital personality. Obviously, it is most easy to mimic your search habits and purchase patterns. Deceased persons could now be virtually brought back to life for same said purposes in the current present time.

Giving the fact these tools are now in existence and replicable, armies of fake users can be created out of thin air to influence online trends. Shopping trends, news, social media, are all heavily influenced by these fake people. You literally might be immortal, digitally, online already, if someone decides that your doppelganger is useful to them.

Ths user model IS your doppelganger. The user model is there to replace you. It is not you, but it is a reasonably convincing facsimile. They are already using the user model to make predictions about your next move. This really gets the programmers jazzed and motivated. They can watch what you do, and refine the model. You see, if they reveal the helpful suggestions to you, it ruins their fun, and spoils the experiment.... Plus, people are making mountains of money at your expense. They keep the best suggestions for themselves.

I just want people to think clearly about the search algorithm. It has wandered away and morphed into something new, something different, like Google itself. Like Google, I have a bias which is now not so transcendent.... Bring the fraud cases. Bring them now. Bring them in public. We have a right to know the risks we face. BRING!

Now some postscripts: There are indications of elite panic that so many people are disabling their Google apps and devices. If I were law enforcement investigating Google, there would be zero Google tech on my team. You think they aren't listening? Given the implicit distrust in the red flag proposals, people are moving to plug the spy hole. May I suggest black Gorilla tape for the phone cam. There are other possible interventions, which are left as an exercise for the user. It's clear that in a Red Flag regimen, the mass of people will just go dark, so practice going dark right now. Take a step at a time. For example, I like the #Russian #language recognition alot, but I bought bunch of Russian paper books and PDF's, in case it is necessary to disable the mic. Here is the truth for you. If it weren't for Russian language recognition, the mic would be off already. If you don't need the mic, you should disable it. If you believe in the user model, they can continue to build it up secretly, using your mic and camera. This is what you should be resisting. Get started today.


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