Reminder: Call for Presentations GNUstep @ FOSDEM 2007

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Hi all,

FOSDEM 2007 and the organizational deadlines are coming closer and I
hope you find some spare time during Xmas and New Year vacation to
think about a presentation and/or demo during FOSDEM 2007. It is not
difficult to raise your finger and submit a proposal. A title, a short
description, a photo and short biography (organizers of FOSDEM will
make a nice brochure out of this material!) written into an e-mail is
enough for the first step.

If not yet done (like several GNUsteppers already have), please read
the CfP below and prepare your presentation.

And, we need a lot of volunteers who take care of the booth. Please
register your participation/presence with the GNUstep wiki at:

Nikolaus Schaller

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Call for Presentations
GNUstep @ FOSDEM 2007


Once again we have booked a stand (2 x 2m)
and a DevRoom at FOSDEM 2007, the Free and
Open source Software Developers' European
Meeting ( FOSDEM
2007 takes place on 24th and 25th February 2007
at Brussels, Belgium at the ULB (Universite Libre
de Bruxelles) Campus Solbosh.

Last year's GNUstep presentations were a great success
and we want this year's to be even better in order to
increase public interest. Therefore, we would like to
ask potential authors to propose what they would
like to present, demonstrate and discuss with other

Areas of interests include, but are not limited to:

* User's experiences with GNUstep
* successful (incl. commercial) GNUstep
* new Frameworks for GNUstep (e.g. CoreData,
CoreGraphics, ...)
* GNUstep for the end user (i.e. Life CDs,
Desktop applications)
* GNUstep on Windows
* What is new in GNUstep since last year?
* GNUstep on embedded devices
* News from Open Groupware
* Future directions of GNUstep
* Overview/Introductory presentations (for
GNUstep beginners)
* Moderated discussions
* Hacking contest
* Real life demonstrations

If you agree, slides and/or videos will be published
after the event on the GNUstep pages.

Submission Guidelines for DevRoom Sessions and Stand


Please submit your proposal(s) for a DevRoom
session through e-mail to the program
committee including:

* your Name(s)
* Title
* Photo of author(s) (that is optionally for the
FOSDEM brochure)
* short Biography (also for the brochure)
* an URL to the specific project
* how much time you think you need
(30/60/90/120 min)
* a short description/outline of your
presentation (e.g. chapters)

In total, we can utilize the presentation room
for approx. 14 hours.

For the presentation we can use a more or less
quality VGA projector. WLAN services are provided
by the FOSDEM organizers if you want to
demonstrate a Client-Server application - but
there is no guarantee that it works...


Please submit your proposal(s) for a demonstration
at the stand through e-mail to the program
committee including:

* Name(s)
* Topic
* special Hardware requirements
* Space requirements
* Description of demo
* Size of a Poster

The e-mail address for submissions is:

The submission deadline is

15th January.

Donations towards GNUstep are also welcome.

Program Committee

* Adam Fedor, GNUstep project leader
* Helge Hess, Open Groupware
* Nicolas Roard, GNUstep
* Nikolaus Schaller, mySTEP

What FOSDEM is (copied from

FOSDEM is a free and non-commercial event for
the community and organised by the community.
Its goal is to provide Free and Open Source
developers and communities a place to meet to

* get in touch with other developers and
* get informed about the latest developments
in the Free and Open Source world,
* attend to interesting talks and presentations
held in large conference rooms by Free and
Open Source project leaders and commiters on
various topics,
* and to promote the development and the benefits
of Free and Open Source solutions.

As for being a free event, participation and
attendance is totally free of charge (although
we thankfully accept donations and sponsorship).
To help the community, FOSDEM sets up 'DevRooms'
(Developer Rooms) where teams can meet and
showcase their projects.It is also a place where
a team can discuss, code (hacking sessions),
publicly present latest directions, lightning
talks, news and decisions. The FOSDEM Team
thinks it is very important that developers from
around the world can meet 'in real life' and we
believe projects can benefit from these meetings.
Common facilities such as network/internet
connectivity and projectors are provided by us.

See you in February in Brussels!

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