Re: Query about Emacs Process API | Asynchronous processes

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Boris Dorestand

Jul 5, 2020, 9:54:08 AM7/5/20
Cross-posting to gnu.emacs.gnus. I'm not setting up a follow-up-to
header, but feel free to set one if you have a reason to.

Narendra Joshi <> writes:

> Reading through Emacs Lisp info manual, I found out
> [[info:elisp#Asynchronous Processes][info:elisp#Asynchronous Processes]]
> that it's possible to create an asynchronous process (let's ignore
> network processes for now) without any command at all. For example,

Are there asynchronous processes in ELISP? This means Gnus could let me
continue to write while it checks for new gnus, I mean, for new news?
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