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Bob Pasker, X2434

Mar 23, 1989, 10:29:23 PM3/23/89
Mail seems to be the only thing I know how to use on the internet.
How can i fetch a copy of the latest GNUEMACS manual from your node?
Can you just mail me one via the internet?

Any help would be appreciated.

thanks, bob pasker

Relational Technology
VAX Development

Mar 24, 1989, 12:36:50 PM3/24/89

Date: Thu, 23 Mar 89 19:29:23 pst
From: think!rtech! (Bob Pasker, X2434)

thanks, bob pasker

Relational Technology
VAX Development

It be easier on the thousands of people on the bug-gnu-emacs mailing list
if you used the inquiry address:
in the future.

thanx -len
Trust you won't be bothered by the canned reply. Individual requests
have a lower priority than work that benefits everybody. Consider it
a contribution on your part to the GNU Project.

The bison manual is in bison.tar.Z, or order a copy from FSF.

The following are appended:

FTPing/UUCPing GNU Software
Mail Ordering GNU Software

Each section is separated by a row of hyphens.
How to get GNU Software by Internet FTP or by UUCP. Last updated 27 Feb 1989

* No Warranties

We distribute software in the hope that it will be useful, but
without any warranty. No author or distributor of this software
accepts responsibility to anyone for the consequences of using it or
for whether it serves any particular purpose or works at all, unless
he says so in writing.

* Updates

If you find this file in the Emacs distribution, there is a chance
it is out of date. If you plan to FTP files from,
you might as well start by FTPing the current version of this file,
which is `/u2/emacs/etc/FTP'.

* FTPing GNU Software

** GNU Emacs and How To FTP It

If you are on the Internet (see also "** Alternative Internet FTP
Sources" below), you can at present copy the latest distribution
version of GNU Emacs from the file /u2/emacs/edist.tar on host (or the file /u2/emacs/edist.tar.Z which has been run
through compress after tar). These files are about 7 and 3 megabytes
long, respectively. After you unpack the distribution, be sure to
look at the files README and INSTALL.

Because of difficulties in transferring large files, often a split
version of the tar file is created. This is a directory named
/u2/emacs/edist.tar-M.N-split or perhaps
/u2/emacs/edist.tar-M.N.Z-split, containing files of 100000
characters each. There is generally no trouble in ftping files of
this size. They can be combined with cat to make a tar file or
compressed tar file.

Some ftp'ers have found it necessary for successful file transfer:
- to set the binary/image mode
- to use another of internet addresses than the
default for your machine. They are (as of 22 Oct 86):

Files of differences from previous widely distributed GNU Emacs
versions to the present version are also available on
under names of the form diff-OO.OO-NN.NN in directory /u2/emacs .
These are made with diff -rc2. Sometimes there are compressed
versions of these difference files as well; their names have .Z

The Emacs manual in source form is included in the distribution.
The dvi file produced by TeX is not included, but a copy may be
available for ftp under the name /u2/emacs/emacs.dvi.

** Copying Only Recently Changed Files

A special version of rcp exists which allows you, on an Internet host,
to copy all GNU Emacs files whose last-mod-dates don't match your
files. See the file /u2/emacs/etc/RCP on for
information on using it.

** The VMS version of GNU Emacs and How To FTP It.

You can ftp a VMS version of GNU emacs directly from, User anonymous, pass guest. It has already been
compiled and linked so it is ready to run. You will need to ftp the
reblock.for program to reblock the saveset so that the backup utility
can restore that saveset. Do a backup/list on the ftp'd saveset and
catch the header info that backup puts out. It contains the correct
block size to reblock the file to. Remember to ftp it in binary mode.

** GDB and How To FTP It.

GDB, the GNU source-level C debugger, is part of the Emacs distribution.
It can be found separately in the directory /u2/emacs/dist/gdb as
65 separate files. If there is a demand, separate tar files of
GDB can be made available.

** The VMS version of GCC and How To FTP It.

Jonathan Corbet has made the "bootstrap files" for the GNU C compiler
available for pseudo-anonymous FTP on The full gcc
sources are also available, for anybody who wants to start from scratch.

Jonathan Corbet also requests that you please limit your access to
outside the hours of 8-6 (mountain time) on weekdays. RDSS is a
*very* busy machine during the day. Jonathan notes, "I don't think I
have to tell you what will happen if my users feel they are being
slowed down by outside people grabbing software."

The procedure is this: FTP to (, and log in
with a username of FTP, password FTP. Cd into the [.gcc] directory,
and grab either or both of these files:
bootstrap.bck The bootstrap files -- not much more than the
.exe files. About 1.3 mb.
gcc.bck The full-blown gcc source code. About 5mb.
Both of these files are backup savesets, and should thus be grabbed
in binary mode.

SPAN people can grab the same files from rdss::du:[ftp.gcc]. If your
node database does not know about rdss, use 9452 instead.

Jonathan Corbet is with the
National Center for Atmospheric Research, Field Observing Facility
SPAN: rdss::corbet (rdss = 9452)
Usenet: ...!ncar!rdss!corbet

** Other GNU Software and How To FTP It.

This software is available on under directory
/u2/emacs. Files containing diff from previous versions are often
available. Compressed versions of the tar or diff files are often
available (indicated by a .Z suffix). Much of this software is in
beta test (probably still buggy), and is being made available for use
by hackers who like to test software. M.N indicates a version number.

Bison bison.tar.Z
GNU Assembler (gas) gas-dist.tar.Z BETA TEST
GNU C Compiler (gcc) gcc.tar-M.N.Z Late BETA TEST
GNU C++ Compiler (g++) g++.tar-M.N.Z BETA TEST
GNU C++ Library dist-libg++.tar.Z BETA TEST
GNU C++ Debugger (gdb+) gdb+.tar-M.N.Z BETA TEST
GNU AWK (gawk) gawk.tar-M.N.Z BETA TEST
GNU Make make.tar-M.N.Z BETA TEST
GNU ld, ar, gprof, size, nm and strip
binutils.tar.Z BETA TEST
GNU Diff diff.tar.Z BETA TEST
GNU e?grep grep-M.N.tar.Z BETA TEST
GNU Ghostscript ghostscript-M.N.tar.Z Early BETA TEST
GNU Chess gnuchess.tar.Z
GNU Buttons & Designs

** Scheme and How To FTP It

The latest distribution version of C Scheme is on the machine To obtain a "tarred" copy of this directory,
telnet to and log in as scheme (password: scheme).
A file called dist.tar will be created (if there isn't one already),
and you will be given a choice of the file transfer program to run (of
all the ones supported by zurich). It should be self-explanatory (ha,
ha! [try ? for help]).

Read the files INSTALL and README in the top level C Scheme directory.

** Alternative Internet FTP Sources

The administrators of maintains copies of GNU
distributed software for MILNET/DDN hosts. It is available via
anonymous ftp from PD:<UNIX-C.GNU> in the original tar or tar.Z

The administrators of maintains copies of GNU Emacs and
the compress program. The files are available via anonymous ftp under
directory ~ftp/gnu. louie's addresses are (as of 21 Feb 1987): louie udel-louie eecis3 udel-relay udel udel-louie louie udel-relay udel

Emacs and other GNU programs may be available on, in
/usb/gnu/emacs-dist.tar{,.Z}. Anonymous ftp starts you in directory

Emacs and other GNU programs may be available on,, and via anonymous ftp.

* Getting GNU software in England is willing to distribute those GNU sources he has
available. The smaller items are available from the info-server (send
to the larger items by negotiation. Due to
communication costs this service is only available within the UK. is also willing to
distribute those GNU sources he has available. He can also write
tapes in qic-21, qic-24 and VMS TK50s formats. is willing to distribute those GNU sources he has
available along with comp.sources.unix, comp.sources.x, comp.os.minix
and X windows. All items are available using uucp, NIFTP over JANET
or, via a suitable gateway, from PSS sites as well. Due to
communication costs this service is only available within the UK.
Mail to for details. He can also write sun
cartridge or exabyte tapes.

* Getting GNU software in Finland

Site has many of the GNU programs available for anonymous ftp.

* Getting GNU software in Denmark

Site (Internet address has many of the GNU
programs, TeX, and the X window system available for anonymous ftp.

* Getting GNU software via UUCP

OSU is distributing via UUCP: GNU Emacs, GNU Bison, GNU Debugger
(gdb), GNU C Compiler (gcc) (& G++ & GDB+), MIT C Scheme, GNU Chess,
GNU Assembler (gas), GNU Awk (gawk), Compress, News, RN, NNTP, Patch,
some Appletalk stuff, and some of the Internet Requests For Comment
(RFC). See their periodic postings on the Usenet newsgroup
comp.sources.d for informational updates. Current details from Karl
Kleinpaste <> or <...!osu-cis!karl>; or Bob
Sutterfield <bob@the-same-places>.

Information on how to uucp some GNU programs is available via
electronic mail from: arn...@skeeve.UUCP, uunet!hutch!barber,
hqda-ai!merlin, hao!scicom!qetzal!upba!ugn!nepa!denny, acornrc!bob,
ames!killer!wisner, bigtex!james, sun!nosun!illian!darylm, and

* If You Like The Software

If you like the software developed and distributed by the Free
Software Foundation, please express your satisfaction with a donation.
Your donations will help to support the Foundation and make our future
efforts successful, including a complete development and operating
system, called GNU (Gnu's Not Un*x), which will run Un*x user
programs. For more information on GNU and the Foundation, contact us
at the above address.

Ordering a distribution tape from the Foundation is often a good
way to bring your company or university to make a donation.
GNU Emacs availability information, 13 March 1988
Copyright (C) 1986, 1987, 1988 Richard M. Stallman

Permission is granted to anyone to make or distribute
verbatim copies of this document provided that the
copyright notice and this permission notice are preserved.

The prices on the order form below EXPIRE in June 1989

Gnu Emacs is legally owned by the Free Software Foundation, but we
regard the foundation actually as its custodian on behalf of the
public, since all software ought to be the common property of mankind.

The foundation permits everyone to have and run copies of GNU Emacs,
at no charge, and to redistribute copies under certain conditions
which are designed to make sure that that all modified versions of GNU
Emacs remain as free as the versions we distribute. These conditions
are stated in the document "GNU Emacs General Public License", a copy
of which is required to be distributed with every copy of GNU Emacs.
It is usually in a file named COPYING in the same directory as this

If you do not know anyone to get a copy of GNU Emacs from, you can
order a tape from the Free Software Foundation. We distribute Emacs
version 18 on 1600bpi industry standard mag tape in tar format. We
will also ship it on 1/4" Sun cartridge tapes in tar format and on
1600bpi mag tape in VMS interchange (aka backup) format. We also
distribute nicely typeset copies of the Emacs manual and the Emacs
reference card. See the order form at the end of this file.

If you have Internet access, you can copy the latest Emacs
distribution from host There are several ways to do
this; see the file `FTP' in the same directory as this file for more
information. Even better, get the latest version of the file from
`/u2/emacs/etc/FTP' on for the most current
arrangements. It may also be possible to copy Emacs via uucp; the
file `FTP' contains information on that too.

Emacs has been run on both Berkeley Unix and System V Unix, on a
variety of types of cpu. It also works on VMS and on Apollo
computers, though with some deficiencies that reflect problems in
these operating systems. See the file MACHINES in this directory for
a full list of machines that GNU Emacs has been tested on, with
machine-specific installation notes and warnings.

Note that there is significant variation between Unix systems
supposedly running the same version of Unix; it is possible that what
works in GNU Emacs for me does not work on your system due to such an
incompatibility. Since I must avoid reading Unix source code, I
cannot even guess what such problems may exist.

GNU Emacs is distributed with no warranty (see the General Public
License for full details (in the file COPYING in this directory)), and
neither I nor the Free Software Foundation promises any kind of
support or assistance to users. The foundation keeps a list of people
who are willing to offer support and assistance for hire. It is
usually in a file named SERVICE in the same directory as this file.

However, I plan to continue to improve GNU Emacs and keep it reliable,
so please send me any complaints and suggestions you have. I will
probably fix anything that is clearly (to me) a malfunction. I may
make an improvement if I consider it worth the effort, but you should
not be surprised if I don't think I can spare time for it. I hope to
keep Emacs stable now, and avoid putting much time into it, so I can
work on other parts of the GNU system.

If you are on the Internet, report bugs to; on Usenet, use the address
...!ucbvax! Otherwise, phone the
foundation at +1 617 876-3296, or write to the address listed below.

If you are a computer manufacturer, I encourage you to ship a copy of
GNU Emacs with every computer you deliver. The same copying
permission terms apply to computer manufacturers as to everyone else.
You should consider making a donation to help support the GNU project;
if you estimate what it would cost to distribute some commercial
product and divide it by five, that is a good amount.

If you like GNU Emacs, please express your satisfaction with a
donation: send me or the Foundation what you feel Emacs has been worth
to you. If you are glad that I developed GNU Emacs and distribute it
as freeware, rather than following the obstructive and antisocial
practices typical of software developers, reward me for doing so!

Your donations will help to support the development of more useful
software to be distributed on the same basis as GNU Emacs. Eventually
we will have a complete imitation of the Unix operating system, called
GNU (Gnu's Not Unix), which will run Unix user programs. For more
information on GNU, see the file GNU in this directory.

Richard M Stallman
Chief GNUisance,
President of the Free Software Foundation

Free Software Foundation Order Form
17 January 1989

This form is effective January 1989--June 1989.

All software and publications are distributed with permission to
copy and redistribute.

Quantity Price Item

________ $150 GNU Emacs and other software, for Unix systems,
on 1600bpi reel-to-reel 9-track tape in tar format.
The tape also contains:
* MIT Scheme (a dialect of Lisp)
* T, Yale's implementation of Scheme
* Bison (a free, compatible replacement for yacc)
* Hack (a rogue-like game)
* GNU Chess (a chess playing program with an interface to X).
* GDB (the GNU source-level C debugger)
* The X window system (a window system for bitmap
displays written at MIT) (version 10r4)

________ $150 GNU Beta Test tape, for Unix systems, on tape as in last item.
The tape includes:
* GCC (the GNU C Compiler)
* G++ (the C++ front end to GCC)
* Bison (a free, compatible replacement for yacc)
* Flex (Vern Paxson fast rewrite of lex)
* Gnostscript (a Postscript interpreter)
* Gawk (the GNU implementation of the AWK programming language)
* Gas (the GNU Assembler)
* Gnuplot (an interactive mathematical plotting program)
* GNU object file utilities (ar, ld, make, gprof, size, nm,
strip, ranlib, et al.)
* other GNU utilities (diff, grep, tar, et al.)
* the freed files from the 4.3BSD-Tahoe distribution

________ $150 MIT X Window System X11R3, for Unix systems,
on tape as in last item.

________ $175 GNU Emacs and other software, for Suns, as in the first item,
on DC300XLP 1/4inch cartridge tape, in QIC-24 format.

________ $175 GNU Beta Test tape, for Suns, as in the second item,
on tape as in last item.

________ $175 MIT X Window System X11R3, as in the third item,
on tape as in last item.

________ $150 GNU Emacs source code and binaries, for VMS, on 1600
bpi reel-to-reel 9-track tape in VMS backup format.

________ $150 GNU C compiler source code and binaries, for VMS, on
tape as in last item. Includes Bison and GAS.

________ $15 GNU Emacs manual, ~300 pages. The manual is phototypeset,
offset printed, and spiral bound; it includes a reference card.

Thus, a 1600 bpi tape and one Emacs manual come to $165.

________ $60 Box of six GNU Emacs manuals, each with reference card.

________ $1 One GNU Emacs reference card, without the manual.

________ $5 Packet of ten GNU Emacs reference cards.

________ $10 GDB Manual, ~70 pages, side stapled.

________ $10 Texinfo Manual, ~100 pages, side stapled. Texinfo is GNU's
structured documentation system, included with GNU Emacs
This manual describes how to write Texinfo documents.

________ $10 Termcap Manual, ~60 pages, side stapled. Documents the
termcap library and GNU's extensions to it. The GNU termcap
library is included with GNU Emacs.

________ $10 Bison Manual, ~70 pages, side stapled.

________ $10 Gawk Manual, ~100 pages, side stapled.

________ $10 Make Manual, ~100 pages, side stapled.

Prices and contents of tapes are subject to change without notice.
This form is effective January 1989--June 1989.

________ If ordering from Massachusetts:} add 5% sales tax.

________ If outside of North America and Hawaii: for shipping costs,
please add $60 for each box of Emacs manuals; for tapes or
unboxed manuals, please add $15, and then add $15 more for
each tape or unboxed manual.

________ Optional tax deductible donation.

________ Total paid

Orders are filled upon receipt of check or money order. We do not have
the staff to handle the billing of unpaid orders. Please help keep
our lives simple by including your payment with your order.

Make checks payable to Free Software Foundation. Mail orders to:

Free Software Foundation, Inc.
675 Mass Ave
Cambridge, MA 02139

All software from the Free Software Foundation is provided on an "as
is" basis, with no warranty of any kind.
enjoy -len

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