Accessing remote computers with WinBoard

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W.G. O'Brien

Nov 6, 1993, 1:19:57 PM11/6/93
Hi, I've just acquired WinBoard for my NT box. I now want to use it to connect
to my friendly neighborhood Unix box to run gnuchessx on it. The problem is this
I get an error saying that it can't find gnuchessx or something like that. I've
used the /firstHost option to specify the Unix machine, but it never even
asks for a username, let alone a password. Where do I enter this information?

I've had other problems connecting to the ICS. Do I have to be registered to
get this to work, or can I connect as unregistered just to browse around and get
a feel for things?

Thanks for any help,

Will O'Brien,
Selwyn College,

Tim Mann

Nov 6, 1993, 4:58:09 PM11/6/93
Using the /firstHost option on WinBoard attempts to run "rsh" on your
NT machine to talk to the other host. We have rsh here, but I don't
think it's a standard part of NT, so you probably don't have it. If
you do have rsh, it won't ask for a username and password; instead,
it uses the same username as you have on your NT machine, and you must
have the name of your NT machine in your .rhosts file on the remote
(Unix) machine.

I don't have any problems using WinBoard to connect to ICS. You don't
have to be registered. Could you send me mail saying WHAT problems
you are having?


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