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Brian Fox

Jun 23, 1989, 2:09:28 PM6/23/89

I have placed the full source to bash version 1.01 on
The diffs were not placed there because every file changed due to a
neccessary change in the wording of the copyright notice. This change
also prompted me to make 1.01 available before I was through fixing all
of the known bugs, though most of all reported bugs have been fixed.

The documentation is too incomplete to ship with the shell at this time,
so I haven't placed it in the release.

The following bugs have been fixed:

Piping the output of "for" commands (and other shell
control structures).

First pipe in a new shell not producing output.

Mail checking bugs.

Bugs in job control that were reported.

>& foo redirects stderr and stdout.
&> continues to do the same thing.

Null or not set variable expansions.
echo ${foo:-bar} -> bar
echo ${foo-bar} ->

\! in the prompt gets the current history number.
\# in the prompt gets the current command number.
\h in the prompt gets the hostname, upto the first `.'.
\w in the prompt gets the pathname of the current directory.
If the current directory is an inferior of your home directory,
that portion of the home directory is replaced with `~', just as
in the output of the `dirs' command.

Hostname completion now exists in the shell, and does not
require the gethostent () call. You can specify the file
which contains the list of hostnames to complete on; by
default it is "/etc/hosts". The file must be in a similar
format to /etc/hosts. Since this is an incomplete release,
the code to dynamically add hostnames is not present.
At this time, hostname completion only takes place on
words containing an `@'.

Silly bugs, like missing `\'s at the end of lines containing
string data.

Fixed bug with `-t' in the test builtin.

Fixed bug with environment binding for the duration of the

There will not be another release of the shell until all of the known
and reported bugs are fixed.

Brian Fox

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