Official Version of Bash Released: Welcome to 1.08!

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Brian Fox

May 22, 1991, 4:24:46 PM5/22/91
Hi everyone.

Bash (The Bourne Again SHell) version 1.08 is available for anonymous
FTP from [] in the file /pub/gnu/bash-1.08.tar.Z.

This version fixes more bugs then I would like to mention over the
previous official release of 1.05. It also contains many fixes to the
unofficial release of 1.07. The diffs were so large (from 1.07 to
1.08) that I decided against a diffs file; the only packaging is the
entire source.

I think that future releases of Bash will not include the GNU Readline
Library; that will be available as a separate package Real Soon Now.

Bash should compile right `out of the box' on most systems; the
following machines are supported in machines.h:

Sun workstations, running SunOS3.x or SunOS4.x, and the Sun386i. DEC
Vax, DecStations under Ultrix, including MIPSEL. Generic 386 System V
and BSD machines. Pyramid. IBM RT and RISC6000, as well as PS2 and
379 under AIX. Sequent Symmetry and Balances running Dynix. Generic
386 running Interactive Unix 2.2. Gould 9000 running UTX/32 R2.1a.
NeXT. HP machines, running more/BSD or HP/UX 6.x, 7.x. Xenix286, and
386. Convex. Sony workstations, including RISC machines. AT&T 3b,
and 386 machines. Encore 88000 and Multimax. Clipper (Orion 1/05).
Random BSD is68k machines. Apollo workstations running SR10.2. SGI
machines. Data General AViiON. Harris Night Hawk. Tektronix
machines. NCR Tower 32, running System V. Stardent, Concurrent,
Ardent. Cadmus.

In addition, it should be easier than ever to port Bash to a new
machine, due to more feature specific #defines and Posix signal

As always, bug reports for 1.08 should be sent to:

The discussion list "" often contains information
about new ports of Bash, or disussions of new features or behaviour
changes that people would like.

When you send a bug report, please include:

* the version number of Bash
* the machine and OS that it is running on (see .machine or .made)
* a description of the bug
* a recipe for recreating the bug reliably
* a fix for the bug if you have one!

While the maintainers of Bash do not promise to fix all bugs, we would
like this shell to be the best that we can make it.

Have fun using Bash!

Brian Fox

PS: Special thanks go to Chet Ramey, for his continuing excellent work
on Bash.

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