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Oct 31, 1997, 3:00:00 AM10/31/97

Fixes and New Features

The focus of this release is fixing the bugs found with the
bash-2.01 distribution. A complete list of changes since bash-2.01
is appended to this message. No new features have been added.

As always, thanks for using bash.


+========== CHANGES ==========+
This document details the changes between this version, bash-2.01.1-release,
and the previous version, bash-2.01-release.

1. Changes to Bash

a. The select command was fixed to check the validity of the user's
input more strenuously.

b. A bug was fixed that prevented `time' from timing commands correctly
when supplied as an argument to `bash -c'.

c. A fix was made to the mail checking code to keep from adding the same
mail file to the list of files to check multiple times when parsing

d. Fixed an off-by-one error in the tilde expansion library.

e. When using the compound array assignment syntax, the old value of
the array is cleared before assigning the new value.

f. Fixed a bug that could cause a core dump when a trap handler was reset
to the default in the trap command associated with that signal.

g. Fixed a bug in the locale code that occurred when assigning a value
to LC_ALL.

h. A change was made to the parser so that words of the form xxx=(...)
are not considered compound assignment statements unless there are
characters before the `='.

i. A fix was made to the command tracing code to correctly quote each
word of output.

j. Some changes were made to the bash-specific autoconf tests to make them
more portable.

k. Completion of words with globbing characters now correctly quotes the

l. The directory /var/spool/mail is now preferred to /usr/spool/mail when
configure is deciding on the default mail directory.

m. The brace completion code was fixed to not quote the `{' and `}'.

n. Some fixes were made to make $RANDOM more random in subshells.

o. System-specific changes were made to configure for: SVR4.2

p. Changes were made so that completion of words containing globbing chars
substitutes the result only if a single filename was matched.

q. The window size is now recomputed after a job is stopped with SIGTSTP if
the user has set `checkwinsize' with `shopt'.

r. When doing substring expansion, out-of-range substring specifiers now
cause nothing to be substituted rather than an expansion error.

s. A fix was made so that you can no longer trap `SIGEXIT' or `SIGDEBUG' --
only `EXIT' and `DEBUG' are accepted.

t. The display of trapped signals now uses the signal number if signals
for which bash does not know the name are trapped.

u. A fix was made so that `bash -r' does not turn on restricted mode until
after the startup files are executed.

v. A bug was fixed that occasionally caused a core dump when a variable
found in the temporary environment of export/declare/readonly had a
null value.

w. A bug that occasionally caused unallocated memory to be passed to free()
when doing arithmetic substitution was fixed.

x. A bug that caused a buffer overrun when expanding a prompt string
containing `\w' and ${#PWD} exceeded PATH_MAX was fixed.

y. A problem with the completion code that occasionally caused it to
refer to a character before the beginning of the readline line buffer
was fixed.

z. A bug was fixed so that the `read' builtin restarts reads when
interrupted by signals other than SIGINT.

aa. Fixed a bug that caused a command to be freed twice when there was
an expansion error in the `eval' command.

2. Changes to Readline

a. Added a missing `extern' to a declaration in readline.h that kept
readline from compiling cleanly on some systems.

b. The history file is now opened with mode 0600 when it is written for
better security.

c. Changes were made to the SIGWINCH handling code so that prompt redisplay
is done better.

d. ^G now interrupts incremental searches correctly.

e. A bug that caused a core dump when the set of characters to be quoted
when completing words was empty was fixed.
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