Bash is in beta release!

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Leonard H. Tower Jr.

Jun 7, 1989, 10:35:03 PM6/7/89

[ This software will soon be available for anonymous uucp on
osu-cis and anonymous ftp on ]

[ bug-bash is not a full-fledge mailing list with a newsgroup.
It will become one, when bash is further along.
People are welcome to join, if they are debugging bash now!
The merely curious should wait for the newsgroup. -len ]


Bash version .99 is available for anonymous ftp from
in the file /u2/emacs/bash-0.99.tar.Z. It will be added to the
Compiler/Beta-Test tape soon.

This is a beta release of the Bourne Again SHell.

It has been compiled on Sun3, Sun4, Vax, Sony, Convex, Hp, Hp9ks300,
and has defines in the Makefile for those systems. It has compiled on
many other systems without requiring change.

The shell sports Emacs style command line editing and interactive
history manipulation, command/file/variable completion, tilde
expansion, multiple mail files, aliases, and functions.

The shell is Bourne shell syntax compatible, with a few csh features
added to make interactive life easier, such as pushd and popd, and "!"
style history.

Bug reports should be mailed to In the event
that you are interested in porting the shell to other machines, you
might want to contact me ( to find out what other
people are doing.

If you are interested in receiving bug reports (as well as posting
them) you may send mail to

Happy Hacking everyone!

Brian Fox

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