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Leonard H. Tower Jr.

Oct 11, 1988, 10:56:06 PM10/11/88

ghostscript.tar.Z is now in /u/emacs on prep.


[ a little more background.

Date: Thu, 8 Sep 88 14:22:59 PDT
From: (Peter Deutsch)
Subject: PostScript GNUware

GhostScript, a GNU project implementation of a language and graphics
library with a remarkable similarity to PostScript(tm), will be released
by the Free Software Foundation as soon as one or two pieces of paper get

GhostScript consists of a language interpreter for a language that is
essentially identical to PostScript, and a graphics library that provides
C-callable routines for all the graphics capabilities of PostScript, so
you can have the graphics without the language if you prefer. The
interpreter is implemented on top of the graphics library.

GhostScript currently has two device drivers: one for the EGA, which works
quite well, and one for X11, which is seriously brain-damaged because the
machine on which it was written had a badly buggy X server. (I hope
someone will write a good X11 driver.)

It should be trivial to write a PostScript previewer using GhostScript by
changing the top level of the interpreter a little.

GhostScript is covered by the same license as GNU Emacs, gcc, etc.
Roughly speaking, anyone can have it as long as they agree not to charge
(beyond reproduction costs) for redistributing it, and agree to always
redistribute it in source form. Read the GNU Standard License for the
full and accurate story.

L. Peter Deutsch
dba Aladdin Enterprises
P. O. box 60264
Palo Alto, CA 94306
(no e-mail address for GhostScript-related correspondence yet,
please don't use -- I'll probably get an
account on portal)

enjoy -len

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