Keyboard Issue (not showing)

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R Peter

Sep 29, 2013, 6:45:48 AM9/29/13
Hej, thanx for this app!

The touchpad works great, but the keyboard is not showing up when I enter a text field (e.g. brwoser address-bar, google-search). 
I niether see a keyboard-option. My bad or a bug?

Server GmoteServerLinux2.0.0 Linux Mint 15 Remote HTC Desirce C/golfu Android 4.0.3 gmote_2_0_2.apk Cheers Peter

PS: Prev. reported as an issue on google code ( )


Oct 4, 2016, 12:08:27 AM10/4/16
to gmote users
I think you may be using version 2.0.2 from f-droid. The reason the newest version 2.0.7 is not on f-droid is because the source code was never published by the developers.

Last update was made on 2012, so I'm afraid they may never do. I hope for San I-GNU-cio that I'm wrong.

A work around I came up with (if you want to keep using the free software version ;) 2.0.2),  is to install "Hacker's Keyboard" (also available in f-droid). That keyboard has an option called "Show Permanent Notification" witch will add an icon in the notification area that will allow you to make the keyboard show where ever and when ever you need it, meaning, you can use it to make the keyboard show while in Gmote.
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