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Feb 7, 2011, 4:48:44 PM2/7/11
to gmote users
I am having issues on my Cincinnati Bell Android Blaze (not rooted).
The keyboard icon on the "Touch Pad" does not do anything, not
allowing me to type. This phone has a virtual keyboard only, by the
way. Without the use of the keyboard it almost makes the touch pad
useless because when it comes to typing, I have to get up to the
computer. Other than that the program is amazing and by far the best I
have used.

Anyone else having this problem? And does anyone have a solution?

Anyways, thank you!


Oct 3, 2016, 11:49:41 PM10/3/16
to gmote users,
The version available at f-droid (2.0.2) doesn't even have the two buttons at the top that you mention to display a keyboard. Gmote 2.0.2 is suppose to do it automatically when a text input is selected like the browser's address bar, but it wasn't doing it for me, which I guess is the reason the developer decided to add a keyboard button in 2.0.7.

What I ended up doing is installing "Hacker's Keyboard" available in f-droid and google play. That keyboard has an option called "Show Permanent Notification" witch will add an icon in the notification area that will allow you to make the keyboard show where ever and when ever you need it, meaning, you can use it to make the keyboard show while in Gmote.

Hopefully this work around will work for you too.

The reason I'm not using version 2.0.7  and it's not available in f-droid is that the source code was never published by the developers, and last update was made on 2012 so that probably may never happen. Hope for San I-GNU-cio that I'm wrong.
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