Keyboard control and click-drag question

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David Bolton

May 28, 2015, 1:00:11 AM5/28/15
The FAQ mentions "Gmote can also be used as a wireless Touchpad and keyboard."

I found the touchpad feature but I didn't find a keyboard (or instructions on how to get there). Is the FAQ correct that Gmote includes a keyboard?

Finally, I have a feature request for the touchpad to implement click and drag functionality. Click and drag is helpful for scrolling. On a laptop touchpad you can double tap and drag to mimic a normal "click and drag" on a normal mouse.

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Oct 4, 2016, 12:01:19 AM10/4/16
to gmote users
I think that your suggestions where listened by the developers because both functions were introduce in 2.0.7 where two buttons are available at the top in touch pad mode. One for show the keyboard when ever you want to type, and another to long press the mouse.

Version 2.0.2, which may have been the version you were using, and the only available version in f-drone, was supposed to show you the keyboard when ever a text input is selected on screen, or more precisely in the address bar of your browser, at least that's was is described in the faq, but it wasn't doing it for me either.

What I ended up doing is installing "Hacker's Keyboard" available in f-droid and google play. That keyboard has an option called "Show Permanent Notification" witch will add an icon in the notification area that will allow you to make the keyboard show where ever and when ever you need it, meaning, you can use it to make the keyboard show while in Gmote.

The reason I'm not using version 2.0.7  and it's not available in f-droid is that the source code was never published by the developers, and last update was made on 2012 so that probably may never happen. Hope for San I-GNU-cio that I'm wrong.
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