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Sandra Royers-Scheve

Oct 30, 2019, 10:27:13 PM10/30/19
I use my phone rather than a PC.  How can I clean-up my address book in G-mail?  I am in my early 70s and am finding one by one my friends are dying.

On Mon, Oct 28, 2019, 6:46 AM <> wrote:
Steve Swift <>: Oct 26 05:03AM -0700

How do I add a forwarding address so that I can forward mail that has been
I get close, and reach thd Forwarding.jpg attached image, but there's only
one address that I can select, and trying to add an address gets me nowhere.
It seems to me that some security has been added since I last added a
forwarding address, so the recipient has to approve.
In this case, the recipient is my wife, and she reads her emails about once
a year...
Sean Murphy <>: Oct 27 06:59PM -0400

As far as I know it has always been necessary to get approval from the
owner of the email address. It certainly was over ten years ago when I
started figuring out how forwarding worked...
"Zack (Doc)" <>: Oct 27 07:18PM -0400

It was always proper courtesy, but it wasn't something validated by the
system in the past. Not sure when it changed, but it's definitely the
requirement now.
Coordinate with your wife to get the message sent for validation and
Andy <>: Oct 28 01:11AM -0400

I started using Gmail some 14 years ago, and ever since I can remember, it
was a requirement to get approval before you could auto-forward emails.
I am puzzled why you say "trying to add an address gets me nowhere." Is
that because it is forever waiting for the approval? Or do you not even
get to the point where your account 'asks' your wife for approval to
Steve Swift <>: Oct 25 04:15AM -0700

Is there any way to eliminate/block the unwanted messages with the green
I'm sure all these ladies are just dying to meet me, but at my age, I'm
liable to get an apoplexy.
Sean Murphy <>: Oct 27 07:02PM -0400

Report as spam. Google's heuristics will eventually learn to recognize the
pattern and start labeling those emails as spam automatically, even if from
an unknown sender.
Steve Swift <>: Oct 25 02:24AM -0700

Sorry about the off-topic post, but every group I've found for the Chrome browser tells me that I don't have permission to post. So:
Step 1: where can I find a group that will allow me to post help questions for the Android Chrome Browser?
Step 2: I'll go and ask my question there. 😊
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Sean Murphy

Oct 31, 2019, 6:44:34 AM10/31/19
to gmail-users
Sorry to hear about your friends. I find the easiest way to clean up my contacts on my phone is to open them in the browser, check the desktop version box, and go to town. The mobile versions of most everything seem to be designed to be as difficult as possible to do anything other than one simple function. Like the way the Gmail app is designed to make it impossible to create or edit filters...
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