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Apr 13, 2010, 7:22:40 PM4/13/10
to Mouse gestures
First of all, the gestures are a great feature, and I almost couldn't
imagine using Gmail without it!

Currently the Up gesture returns you to the previous email list when
you have an email open, which is great. But I constantly find myself
intuitively using the Up gesture when outside of an email to try to go
a level up, only to realize after (usually two attempts :) that it
doesn't do anything in list view.

Here is my suggestion for what the Up gesture should do in list view
based on how my mind expects it to work:

- If you are on any page of the Inbox list, return to page 1 of the

- If you are on page 1 of any other list (search results, labels,
spam, trash - anything except Inbox), return to page 1 of the Inbox.

- If you are on any other page *except* page one of any other list
except Inbox (again, search results, labels, etc), then return to page
1 of that particular list. Another Up gesture will return you to the
Inbox, as per the point above.

I'm also wondering if other people find themselves expecting the Up
gesture to behave in a similar way.

-- Mike

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