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Jun 28, 2010, 7:26:55 PM6/28/10
to Glyph
Hi ,

I just started to play around with Glyph , i wanted to thank you
h3raLd for your work your making our life easier . I've noticed that
Glyph always render the html document into one html file i guess this
is forced because of PRINCE , Is there a way to alter this behavior ?
if i wanted to sperate the html document into several files ? What
about html output layout ? does glyph support any template system ?

again Thanks for your work.

Fabio Cevasco

Jun 29, 2010, 3:06:30 AM6/29/10
At present Glyph can only generate single HTML files.

*However* things are going to change in the next release (0.4.0): I'm currently implementing a new "web" output format to allow the generation of multiple HTML files (see feature #114:

The generation of multiple output files is quite tricky but is currently my top priority and the only feature I'm really sure about for the next release. For some *preliminary* implementation/concept details, see:

Regarding the HTML output layout, currently Glyph provides some structural macros suitable for single-file layouts:

- book[]
- article[]
- document[] (the most general one, used internally by the two above)

The idea would be to provide similar macros to be called automatically when files are rendered, e.g. maybe a page[] macro able to render a standard HTML page with or without navigation.

Glyph itself, in a way, can be seen as a template system: as a matter of fact you can create your own macros to format text in any way you want :-)

If you have any suggestions or requests about this feature, just let me know by replying to this thread!

Fabio Cevasco
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