genEtaRegge still failing at MCSmear

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Sep 28, 2020, 4:10:49 PM9/28/20
to GlueX Software Help
Hi all,
I believe it's a simple fix at this point given I understand that the MCWrapper has been updated to take care of the infamous Run 10000 error at the MCSmear level...

But I run Monte Carlo thru GenEtaRegge (which  for some reason was the only generator with the problem hanging in there) using the standard GlueX Environment and still encounter the error. I've looked through Hao's thread and the GitHub issue thread with Igal having the same bug and ended seeing messages saying the issue is fixed. I was told to check my DEV but I am not exactly sure if I am familiar with doing that (is that the same as typing setenv?). I am currently on version 2.4.2 of GlueX_MCWrapper.

Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks!

Sean Dobbs

Sep 28, 2020, 4:17:29 PM9/28/20
to, GlueX Software Help
Hi Tolga,

The bug fix is included in v2.5.1, which was released today, so the
easiest thing to do is to wait for this version to be deployed at JLab
(which will hopefully happen soon).

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Tolga Erbora

Sep 28, 2020, 4:26:04 PM9/28/20
to Sean Dobbs, GlueX Software Help
Thanks Sean, and I can wait, and also I'll see if I can adjust a copy of the environment to utilize the latest version in the meantime.

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