100x Slower MC Generation With version_4.0.0 Software

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Jonathan Zarling

Jan 24, 2019, 4:48:50 PM1/24/19
to gluex-s...@googlegroups.com
Hey gang,

My MC jobs that I run locally at IU have gone from 5 minutes to run to 10 hours when using software version "version_4.0.0". I'm running geant3. Has anyone else tried working with this build yet?

Possibly also related: during the geant step I get many warning messages of the form: "Warning in savehits: unsaved hit information found from sensitive volume XXXX, hit discarded". These blow up my logfiles to ~hundreds of megabytes.

I tried running with version_3.8 and version_3.9 too. These ran fast and didn't produce the same warning messages.

I experience this both with a photon gun and an omega->3pi simulation.


Richard Jones

Jan 24, 2019, 5:20:55 PM1/24/19
to Jonathan Zarling, GlueX Software Help
Hello Jon,

What is your value of JANA_GEOMETRY_URL? What is your simulation run number?

-Richard Jones

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Jonathan Zarling

Jan 25, 2019, 3:53:28 PM1/25/19
to Richard Jones, GlueX Software Help
Hi Richard et al,

Looks like I am using the path $GLUEX_TOP/hdds/hdds-4.0.0/main_HDDS.xml for $JANA_GEOMETRY_URL. I'm using run number 30300 as a test case.


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