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Clément Hottier

Feb 25, 2020, 6:22:47 AM2/25/20
to Glue users

Hi everyone,

I just begin using glue, so sorry if it is a dummy question, but I do not find the answer in the doc.

I work with a 3D cube (dimension (a,b,c,)) on regular grid. It is basically in galactic coordinates (l,b,d).and I also have 3 unidimensional array which contain the physical values of each direction of the grid.

I manage to link world0, world1 and world2 to my unidemsionnal array, but when I use the 2Dimage view, to see a slice of (l,b) at different distances, it is working perfectly but axis are in pixels instead being in degree with actual values of l and b.

How set the axis labels and ticks to be in the right coordinate ? I know it is possible because it is shown on documentation :; slices are in ra/dec. should I need wcs transformation ?


Thomas Robitaille

Jun 1, 2020, 6:49:35 AM6/1/20
Hi Cment,

Apologies for my late reply - indeed for the labels to show up correctly it is not sufficient to link the axes to 1-d arrays. You will instead need to make sure the dataset has a WCS defined (for astronomy data). So the easiest way to achieve what you need is to write the data as a FITS file with a WCS transformation defined then load that into glue. If you already have the data in glue you can also set Data.coords to be a WCS object.

Alternatively, if you are not familiar with the astropy WCS class or if your case is too tricky to represent by a WCS transformation, you can also define your own custom coordinate transformation object as shown here:


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