How to get localhost address of vpython

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Pat Facunla

Sep 6, 2022, 1:07:04 PM9/6/22
to Glowscript Users
Hello I am new to vpython and I am wondering how can I know where is the next address location of the localhost because everytime I run vpython the localhost port is random.


Pat Facunla

Sep 6, 2022, 1:53:24 PM9/6/22
to Glowscript Users
It's so hard to me to state my problem because I am using Arduino to get my data. Then I read that data coming from the Arduino and plot it to Vpython. 
Now I would want to put that live data on a website.

(Arduino is a hardware  that is getting data through sensors in real life) 
So when the sensors detect changes, Vpython also changes. It's so hard for me to get data about vpython. I am really a beginner and I feel helpless.

Harlan Gilbert

Sep 6, 2022, 2:27:33 PM9/6/22
Not an expert, and not sure what the problem is, but see if this helps:

1) To reference the localhost IP address from the same computer, you can always use   This is a special IP address only valid as a self-reference, however; not if you want to access your computer from another computer.
2) The external localhost IP address would be assigned by your local network.  It sounds as if this is being dynamically assigned, which means that everytime you login it is different.  VPython and Glowscript cannot control this behavior, but it is possible to configure the router to assign your computer a static (fixed) IP address, so that it will always be the same.

Good luck,


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