Obtaining a function's name

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Harlan Gilbert

Sep 4, 2022, 12:09:31 PM9/4/22
to Glowscript Users

A minor issue:

The __name__ property returns the function's name in installed Python, but in Glowscript  it returns undefined:


Best wishes,

Harlan Gilbert

Sep 4, 2022, 12:39:13 PM9/4/22
to Glowscript Users
Also: to obtain an object's properties and methods, Python offers two functions: vars(object) and dir( object ).  In Python, both return extensive lists.
vars is absent in Glowscript and dir returns an empty list. 


Bruce Sherwood

Sep 4, 2022, 1:37:04 PM9/4/22
to Glowscript Users
This is of course due to the fact that Web VPython uses the RapydScript-NG transpiler to convert Python code to JavaScript code, to be able to run in the browser. These functions are way too obscure to attempt to deal with them in Web VPython.

I'm very puzzled by the __name__ property. What is the point of getting the name if you have to use the known name to get the name??


Harlan Gilbert

Sep 4, 2022, 1:56:34 PM9/4/22
to glowscri...@googlegroups.com
It's quite useful!!!
For example, here is an extract from code graphing a series of functions.  I want each graph to be titled with the function's name..

functionlist = [linear, abs, quad, poly, sin, tan, exp, sqrt]               #some of these are defined in my code
for f in functionlist:
   gd = graph(title=f.__name__)

It's easy to make a parallel list of names, but it should be noted as an area of incompatibility.:


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