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Tom Robinson

Aug 18, 2019, 10:23:57 PM8/18/19
to glorp-group

Does anyone have experience adding functions to Glorp.  I find myself needing to use the following expression in a query: right(version, length(version), - patindex("%0.%", version). Right now, I'm trying to implement #right: as a PrefixFunction by adding it to SQLServerPlatform>>#initializeFunctions using the following code:

    functions at: #right: put: ((PrefixFunction named: 'RIGHT') type: (self varchar: 255)).

My test code looks like this:

     | session query results |
     session := StoreLoginFactory currentStoreSession.
     query := Query read: Store.Glorp.StorePackage
          where: [:ea| (ea version right: 5) = '57540'].
     results := session execute: query.

The result is an error: Unhandled exception: Invalid data type. It appears that the Query is trying to convert the argument 5 to the varchar type to be returned. This is happening in the processing of binding, before any attempt is made to generate SQL. Is there a way to specify an argument type or is that something that needs to be added? Is there something simple that I'm doing wrong?



Wallen, David

Aug 23, 2019, 4:28:57 PM8/23/19

Hi Tom,


Sorry, I was away all week. Your function seems to work. However, I get an empty list for results—perhaps the record isn’t in my repository.

Here’s what I tried:

1. Add Tom’s new function in method, SQLServerPlatform>>initializeFunctions.

2. Connect to the SQL 2012 repository (which sends SQLServerPlatform new initializeFunctions).

3. Inspect the workspace code


Here is the query it generates.

SELECT  TOP 1 t1.identityName

FROM NEWBERN2.BERN.TW_DatabaseIdentifier t1  OrderedCollection ()

(0.594 s)

SELECT t1.primaryKey,, t1.timeStamp, t1.version, t1.userName, t1.trace, t1.blessingLevel, t1.commentID, t1.propertiesID, t1.binFile, t1.parcelID


WHERE (RIGHT(t1.version,5) = :1)  OrderedCollection ('57540')

(0.016 s)


Dave Wallen 
Software Engineer




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