Glogg windows 10 display bug

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Thang Phu

Mar 16, 2021, 5:47:12 PM3/16/21



I love using glogg tool and found multiple complaints on glogg tool compatibility with Windows 10. I believe I figured out the problem.

As it turns out, since my work migrated me to Windows 10, all my default text files are saves as UCS-2-LE-BOM format and whenever these files are opened with glogg, there are trailing blanks between the characters. If I used Notepad++ editor and save the file as UTF-8 format, glogg tool will display perfectly all the text and all the common features and search works well again. I love this tool, and I hope you guys have the time to support this fix, but if not, I think it’s valuable to share the fix with million of glogg users who also love this tool as much as I.


Thanks guys and gals!



Thang Q. Phu

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Anton Filimonov

Aug 21, 2021, 4:18:45 PM8/21/21
to glogg

Checkout klogg, it looks almost the same as glogg and should detect encoding based on BOM. 

Anton Filimonov

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