Feature request: automatic highlight filtering

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Péter Talabér

Jul 25, 2022, 3:56:11 AMJul 25
to glogg
Hi All,

This is the first time I write to you however I am using your tool for ages. I really appreciate all the effort you put into this excellent tool. Apart from this I would like to ask you to extend klogg with a small feature below.
In my everyday work I need to analyze huge number of logs therefor I defined many highlights to follow the state machine log entries. But since I need to check thousand of line of logs I need to mark the colorized lines one by one to see the relevant events in order. Would it be possible to add an option to the filtered box to merge all these selections (all the highlights which are enabled) with the marks and matches below? It would be really useful to automatically filter the event 'mile stones' as an overview - for me at least.

Thank you and best regards,
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