Klogg 20.10 Release Candidate

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Anton Filimonov

Oct 14, 2020, 5:40:38 AM10/14/20
to glogg

I'm going to release next stable version of klogg this month. Currently master branch is in feature freeze state, so builds from CI should be stable to beta-test.

Major new features:

  • Highlighters reworked:
    • Several sets of highlighting rules can be configured and chosen using context menu
    • Highlighters can be configured to colorize only matching part of line
    • Added an option to match using simple strings
    • Highlighters configuration can be exported and imported on other machine
  • An option to choose UI style, including dark theme based on QDarkStyleSheet
  • A menu to switch between opened files
  • An option to clear auto-complete history
  • Some support for dark OS themes
  • Some support for HiDPI displays
  • Crash reporting

Bugixes and minor improvements

  • Fixed RPM packaging
  • Fixed bug with case-insensitive search autocomplete
  • Fixed excessive reloading when follow mode is enabled
  • Made some shortcut behavior more user-friendly
  • Allow to download logs form https with self-signed certs
  • Minimized scratchpad window can be restored 
A full list of closed issues is on Github.

I'd appreciate any feedback.

Anton Filimonov

Jeff Jensen

Oct 14, 2020, 10:20:04 AM10/14/20
to glogg...@googlegroups.com
Great news!

I run the portables, upgrading with most of the continuous-win builds.   I've had excellent results all along; currently running 784.


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