The political implications of s shifting climate

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Robert I Ellison

Jan 22, 2011, 3:54:56 AM1/22/11
to globalchange
I am looking for a political middle ground. Yes there is a
possibility of planetary cooling as a result of internal climate
vatiation and yes there is still a significant climate risk. These
arise for the same reason - climate as a complex and dynamic system in
theoretical physics.

'Climate is an example of a complex and dynamic system in theoretical
physics. There is real world evidence for this in, especially,
Pacific ocean/climate shifts. The first manuscript (Pacific SST and
Climate) is an interdisciplinary review of relevant peer reviewed
science. Pacific Ocean science suggests the potential for global
cooling over the next decade or three as a result of what the Royal
Society called internal climate variation in their recent climate
science summary. This is a difficult concept to follow, requiring a
basis in interdisciplinary science. Nonetheless, it must objectively
be accepted as a very real possibility that would create a very real
quandary for carbon reduction politics...'
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