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Serving Humanity                                                     Promoting Peace

Global Right Path eComunity

Established in 1988

Irshad Mahmood (Director)

زندگی میں ایسا کویٴ کام کر جاوٴں - دنیا ہمیں دعائیں دے گالیاں نہیں

Actively involved on Internet based Preaching to Save Humanity since year 2000

No Compulsion in Beliefs - Hate Hate NOT Human - Love all Human Unconditionally


Mission of Global Right Path eCommunity

Mission to build bridges with other religions

We are living in the fast moving information age and facing many CHALLENGES from all around the Globe including Man Mad Disasters. Keeping in mind the cultural and religious backgrounds of people, we need to present exclusive kinds of literature to Reform Global Family and Build Heavenly Earth along with friendly dialogue and availability on internet for FREE, are required to fulfill the main objectives of DEEN-E-IBRAHIM to serve humanity.

Main object of this forum is to present brief guideline with CLEAR REFERENCE to prepare Humanity to face all the Modern Challenges and only way to build Heavenly Earth. We would like to present articles based on the following major topics:


  1> Comparative Religion to learn about other religions.
  2> Educates Humanity to Face Modern Challenges.
  3> Educates our Kids for the Future of the Peaceful World.
  4> Points out Our Mistakes.
  5> Points out the Roots of Downfall of Humanity.
  6> Explains the Possible Cure to our Misconceptions.
  7> Explains Our Responsibilities.
  8> Guides to Set Our Priorities.
  9> Marriage Counseling.
10> Global Counseling.
11> Solution to Global Economic


We invite all our Global Brothers/Sisters of a our Global Family to this noble mission and present their views to save humanity, without any discrimination of Religion, Race, Color, Gender, Language, Nationality, etc. No Close Door Meetings and No Hidden Secret Agenda. Courtesy & mutual respect is a prerequisite. Please submit those articles that will benefit members and make sure that no copyright material is used without permission and other members are not unduly offended or caused any undue discomfort or pain.

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And withhold yourself with those who call on their Lord morning and evening desiring His goodwill, and let not your eyes pass from them, desiring the beauties of this world's life; and do not follow him whose heart We have made unmindful to Our remembrance, and he follows his low desires and his case is one in which due bounds are exceeded, (Al_Quraan_018.028).

Remember: Visible and Invisible Auliyaas are Protectors and Helpers of Humanity (Ref: Al_Quraan_006:159).

Global Auliyaa Thinks Globally

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